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TC Entertainment Schedules ‘Manga Mitokoumon’ Blu-ray Anime Release

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© Tetsuhisa Suzukawa / ICHI

TC Entertainment is stepping into the archives once again for a new Blu-ray release with the Manga Mitokoumon property.  The 1981 series ran for 46 episodes and is being released across three Blu-ray discs, which is definitely a bump up from how TC Entertainment usually crams episodes onto their releases. The set is scheduled for an April 30th, 2021 debut where it’ll be priced at 32,000 yen.

The set comes with a booklet and will include the pilot for the series and two pilots for other projects that never went to series.

The series was directed by Kazuyuki OPkasako with character designs by Keisuke Morishita. Production was handled by Knack for TV Tokyo.

The Japanese cast includes Hirotaka Suzuoki as Kesaburo, Masaru Ikeda as Kakunoshin, Toshiya Sugita as Mitokomon, Kazue Ikura as Okoto, Masako Miura as Onatsu, Naoki Tatsuta as Donbee, and Youko Matsuoka as Sutemaru.

Plot Concept: Mitokomon is the empror’s trusted man with a high sense of justice. He is sent to travel around the country in order to observe the quality of life in each province and run a check on the official’s performances and report back to the empror. Along with him are sent two bodyguards, Kaiko (known for his extraordinary power) and Tsuke (known for his amazing swordsmanship). The three men, traveling unknown, face lots of adventure on their journey to bring justice to the citizens and eliminate corruption from the governing system.

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