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‘Tales of Phantasia’ Anime Gets Crunchyroll Streaming

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A warrior, cleric, witch, summoner, archer, and ninja make up the Heroes of Space and Time

The 2004 OVA series Tales of Phantasia has found its way to some new streaming as Discotek Media has brought it to Crunchyroll. The four-episode series is in its original Japanese language with English subtitles and is available to audiences in the US and Canada where Discotek’s rights extend.

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The series was directed by Takuo Tominaga based on the scenario by Ryunosuke Kingetsu. Tokuyuki Matsutake handled the character designs with Actas handling the animation production.

The English dub was written and directed by Patrick Seitz at Bang Zoom! Entertainment with a cast that includes David Vincent as Chester, Jack Bauer as Claus F. Lester, Jennifer Sekiguchi as Arche Klein, Johnny Yong Bosch as Cless Alvein, Mia Bradly as Mint, Mike McFarland as Reisen, Patrick Seitz as Dhaos, Taylor Henry as Narrator, and Tina Louise as Suzu Fujibayashi.

The Japanese cast includes Takeshi Kusao as Cless Alvein, Junko Iwao as Mint Adnade, Kazuhiko Inoue as Klarth F. Lester, Kentaro Ito as Chester Barklight, Mika Kanai as Arche Klaine, Taeko Kawata as Suzu Fujibayashi, and Toshiyuki Morikawa as Dhaos.

Plot Concept: Cless Alvein, a young swordsman from the town of Totus, along with his friend Mint Adnade, a healer with the talent of Mana, are sent back in time to defeat Dhaos, a sorcerer imprisoned by their parents decades ago. Along with the help of the archer Chester Barklight, the summoner Klarth F. Lester and the half-elf Arche Klaine, they seek to right the wrongs of Dhaos and return peace to the land.

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