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2nd ‘B: The Beginning’ Anime Season Scheduled With New Trailer

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Are you coming back for season 2?
© Kazuto Nakazawa / Production IG

The first season of B: The Beginning has come and gone both with streaming and some home video releases thanks to Anime Limited and Shout! Factory. Now, the second season is set for a 2021 debut where it’ll be called B: The Beginning Succession. Netflix has now dropped a bilingual trailer for it with Japanese and English language audio available and it’s revealed a March 18th, 2021 premiere date for it. It’s getting a worldwide debut and a new poster was released for it as well.

The series first season of the series was directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who has worked in key animation, character design and served as an episode director on a number of shows, though mostly in terms of opening sequences. He also directed the Parasite Dolls OVA series and did character design on Samurai Champloo while directing a few episodes. He’s back helming the second series with he and Katsunari Ishida handling the series composition. Akane Yano is working on the character designs with Hideoki Kusama and Production I.G. is once again on board for the production.

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The Japanese cast includes Asami Seto as Lily Hoshina, Hiroaki Hirata as Keith Kazama Flick, Yuuki Kaji as Koku, Ami Koshimizu as Kaela Yoshinaga, Atsushi Goto as Jean Henry Richard, Hiroki Touchi as Eric Toga, Kaito Ishikawa as Minatsuki, Minoru Inaba as Boris Meier, Shintarō Tanaka as Mario, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Gilbert Ross, and Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Brian Brandon.

The English language cast includes Ray Chase as Keith / Dr. Flick, Kyle McCarley as Koku, John Demita as Gilbert / Puzo, Doug Stone as Boris, Faye Mata as Lily, Johnny Yong Bosch as Minatsuki, Xander Mobus as Laica / Henry, Allegra Clark as Kaela, Brianna Knickerbocker as Yuna, Patrick Seitz as Mario, Jalen K. Cassell as Eric, Erica Mendez as Young Koku, Cristina Vee as Young Yuna / Erika / Kukuri / Takeru, John Snyder as Jean, Ezra Weisz as Abbot, Khoi Dao as Brandon, Todd Haberkorn as Quinn / Jonathan, Steve Prince as Julian, Ben Diskin Kamui, Marianne Miller as Izanami / Lily’s Mom, Sean Chiplock as Red, Edward Bosco as Blue / Richard, Keith Silverstein as Yellow, Jake Eberle as Lily’s Father, and Joe Zieja as Lily’s Brother.

Plot Concept: After Keith and Koku solved the incidents successfully, the world has regained its composure. In the months since then, Keith returns to the RIS to conduct his own investigation, and Koku is living a peaceful life with Yuna. They are visited by Kirisame, who was once supposed to have broken up with Kurou in death at the Faura Blanca Institute…”

Season 1 Trailer:

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