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Crunchyroll Streams ‘Voltes V’ Anime

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From out of nowhere, a mysterious alien race known as the Boazan Forces has invaded the Earth!

Discotek Media has been a boon to a lot of older anime fans as they’ve been great at going back and picking up a range of older shows that would get easily overlooked here. Last summer they added Voltes V, which is known fully as Chou Denji Machine Voltes V in its original form. The 1977 series ran for 4o episodes and it was revealed that Discotek previously brought it out as an SDBB in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The show has now been added to the slate of titles that Crunchyroll is handling, giving it some additional distribution and a very easy way to check it out. This comes after Bandai Spirits began streaming the show recently on their channel, complete with English subtitles. Availability for it is for users in the US and Canada where Discotek Media is able to release it.

Plot Concept: From out of nowhere, a mysterious alien race known as the Boazan Forces has invaded the Earth. A group of individuals specially trained to handle this kind of situation has been unleashed. Kenichi, Ippei, Daijirou, Hiyoshi & Megumi are the pilots of the Choudenji Machine Voltes V (5), Earth’s defense against the Boazan and their terrible Beast Warriors. The plot thickens as the Go Brothers discover their true heritage and the truth behind their father’s disappearance. Conflicts and mixed emotions hinder the Go Brothers at times but due to their unwavering desire to find their dad, they must go to the place where it all started. With the help of the rebels based on Earth and on the aliens’ homeworld, the Voltes Team has another mission, remove the tyrant Zu Zanbajil and liberate the people of Boazan.

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