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Osomatsu-san 3rd Season Episode #19 Anime Review

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The jokes really overstayed their welcome.
© Fujio Akatsuka / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee

Osomatsu-san is a bit of a slow burner this week.

What They Say:
Todomatsu learns the way of the sumo, The Riceballs work out the kinks in their comedy act, and Jyushimatsu body swaps with a dog.

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Episode 19 has a bit of a pacing problem, which makes the first skit only a bit ironic. The Riceballs are stressing out about the upcoming A-1 comedy competition, to the point where they’re at each other’s throats. Sharing an artistic vision is hard, especially when both parties believe they’re the one doing the heavy lifting. At this rate, their comedy act is doomed.

The more laid-back Salmon seeks advice from the laid-back Osomatsu, while the cool and calculated Pickled Plum does the same with Choromatsu. When the four of them get home, they basically have a repeat argument from before, except it’s Osomatsu and Choromatsu at each other’s throats. But seeing their petty argument from the outside helped the Riceballs set aside their differences. At least the Riceballs have some room to grow… the same can’t be said for the Matsuno’s.

© Fujio Akatsuka / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee

Act two has a meek Todomatsu join a sumo stable where his brothers (not actually his brothers) are already fully-fledged big boys. This skit was the epitome of poorly paced. You could have cut this skit’s runtime in half and it still would have been too long. The small-bodied Totty has no real reason to be here, and his training montage proves to be ineffective. Despite not having a single sporty bone in his body, the sumo keep Todomatsu around because he’s cute.

The final skit, while an improvement, still feels like it could have been shorter. Jyushimatsu befriends a dog at the local park. Everything is wholesome and playful until Jyushimatsu and the dog take a tumble down some stairs. Ichimatsu strolls up to quite the conundrum – Jyushimatsu and the dog pulled a Freaky Friday and swapped bodies! But similar to Todomatsu’s training montage, the scene where Ichimatsu tries to make Jyushimatsu realize he swapped bodies just went on for way too long. When they finally get over that hump, Ichimatsu suggests they fall down the stairs to fix it. But like a dog with its tail between its legs, the Jyushimatsu dog runs away… with its tail between its legs. Looks like Jyushimatsu is stuck with his new canine body. The brothers look on the bright side – things aren’t all that different! After all, Jyushimatsu’s personality was already like a hyperactive puppy dog.

© Fujio Akatsuka / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee

In Summary:
This week’s Osomatsu-san isn’t necessarily bad, but the jokes really overstayed their welcome. It felt like each skit was padded out to fill the full run time. Much like the Riceballs’ comedy act, episode 19 could have used some fine-tuning.

Grade: C

Source: Crunchyroll

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