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Magu-Chan: God of Darkness Chapter 31 Manga Review

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You get a god and you also get a god. Everyone gets a god. They’re not all equal but you’re still getting a god.
© Kei Kamiki / Shueisha Inc.

“Gu La The Adamantine”

Creative Staff:
Story: Kei Kamiki
Translation: Christine Dashiell
Lettering: Erika Terriquez

What They Say:
The God of Destruction Magu Menueku has been summoned by the Chaos Cult. Humanity’s last hope is the honorable Holy Knights! The battle to save mankind…took place hundreds of years ago… But now a girl out in the country named Ruru releases the legendary god of destruction who had been trapped in a magical jewel! Will the natto-eating, destruction beam-blasting Magu-chan fill the world with complete chaos? This heart-warming, destructive comedy series is ready to explode onto the scene!                        

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
There is a new challenger for Magu-chan’s title as the God of Destruction. I’m a bit confused since I thought Magu-chan was the God of Darkness but let’s roll with it. Kikyo continues her work with the occult club and discovers there is a new god, Gu La, hiding in the waters. The first thing it wants to is to pick a fight with everyone, especially Magu-chan. The best way to get noticed at the schoolyard is to pick a fight with the strongest and then everyone will be your friend. Unfortunately, Gu La picked a fight with someone beyond his weight class and gets easily devoured. 

It’s a moment of sadness as Kyo stays behind and everyone leaves her by herself. She wants to examine or experiment on Gu La’s remains. Her dedication to the occult is to be admired. Especially since Gu La is still alive and breathing. She ends up in his mouth and is almost eaten by this new creature. She wants help but at the same time, she is enjoying this. She is perhaps the most bizarre human in this wacky adventure. He has a hostage and wants a round two with Magu-chan. Magu-chan complains that he has a hostage and he lets her go before the fight because it’s dangerous. He is certainly not the smartest of gods as he cants comprehend the value of a hostage.  

© Kei Kamiki / Shueisha Inc.

It’s almost going to be a repeat of the fight that happened before but Naputaaku arrives on the scene to create utter fun chaos. Naputaaku suggests that Gu La should hit Magu-chan at his weak spot, his lack of imagination. Who can build the most creative sandcastle? Magu-chan is left in the dust. Gu La makes an ordinary house but it still isn’t enough. Naputaaku’s crab army makes the most gorgeous castle one can witness. The god’s imaginative brains can’t be compared to the mighty power of the crabs. Gu La goes berserk and the sandcastle competition is over. But as shonen title, this battle is over with the wonderful power of friendship. Gu La just wanted someone to recognize his abilities and Kyo is the perfect person to do so.           

In Summary:
You get a god and you also get a god. Everyone gets a god. They’re not all equal but you’re still getting a god. This series has transitioned into Digimon and Pokemon where everyone can get their very monster god and raise it like the other monsters. The stage has been building for a marvelous event to occur. I hope that now that most of the cast has obtained their god, the story fully commits to this ideal. Kyo and Gu La make a great partnership because of their aloofness.   

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: A 

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Shonen Jump
Release Date: February 14, 2021

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