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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #05 Anime review

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When the slime’s away, the enemies will play.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #05

Whirlwind romance

What They Say:
Episode #5: “Prelude to the Disaster”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Rimuru is making ready to return home, but in this narrow window where he’s still away on business, the enemies are readying to strike.

Falmuth sends their otherworlders into Tempest, and we get an even better idea of just how shitty these three troublemakers are. Whatever mages summoned these three really picked the worst of the lot. They’d almost be sympathetic if they weren’t such shitheads. Upon arriving in Tempest the girl is pissed that the monsters are living better than they are. Wanting nothing but freedom, luxury, and power, they start their plan to create a situation where the monsters would attack them. That would give Falmuth cause to retaliate.

Except they weren’t counting on Gobzo being such a doofus and Gobta being so good and defusing a nasty confrontation. Gobta is secretly Romuru’s MVP, especially when it comes to lucking into respect and prestige. It’s wonderful watching the ‘aggressive’ monsters peacefully talk down a situation while the humans get more disrespectful and riled up. Speaking on human-monster relations…

Youm and Mjurran’s romance feels like it’s operating at breakneck speed through this episode. The opening scene of the two on the hill is the very definition of “that escalated quickly.” The novels gave the two a bit longer to travel together, but Mjurran’s taciturn nature was even more pronounced in writing. What we’re missing from this matchup is her inner thoughts on loneliness and the fact that in her long life this is the first time she’s actually felt affection for another. The fact that Youm loves this serious woman, no matter who or what she really is, is a deeper conundrum. Sure, she’s pretty and supportive and can save his ass with her magic…. well… I guess that’s enough to make him love her.

The end of this episode shows what happens when the enemies finally make their move. Clayman has timed his attack to coincide with Falmuth’s. While their agents aren’t successful in creating a false motive for confrontation, their mages are successful at putting up an anti-magic barrier over the city. Mjurran launches her silence spell at the same time. They’ve basically cut both the power and the phone lines in and out of Tempest. With no way to contact Rimuru and suddenly severely handicapped, Shion is left staring down the psychotic otherworlders. Oh, did I mention Milim is attacking Eurazania as well?

In Summary:
When the slime’s away, the enemies will play. A perfect storm of precarious events is playing out behind the scenes, unbeknown to the monsters of Tempest. Demon Lord Clayman uses an impending invasion to start his own plan of conquest, resulting in an attack that nobody saw coming. The focus of this episode is a tighter, more intimate dance of romance between a spy and a soldier. Pacing issues with the romance make it feel sudden, although genuine. The rising tension is the star of this episode, and whatever carnage awaits is going to be beautiful.

Episode Grade: B

Streamed by: Crunchyroll and Funimation

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