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Healin’ Good♡PreCure Episode #44 Anime Review

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I loved how the entire town discovered the identities of the Precure and decided to keep their secret.
© Izumi Todo / Toei Animation

“Let’s Heal Together! For Our Healthy Future”

What They Say:
The secret world “Healing Garden” has been healing the Earth. One day, Villains called “Byogens” attack Healing Garden with the goal to destroy Earth, which is now in big trouble! In order to save Earth, three “Earth doctor trainee” Healing Animals escape from Healing Garden to look for their partners. Along with them is Latte, the princess of Healing Garden, who holds a special power. When three ordinary girls meet the Healing Animals, they are transformed into Pretty Cures in order to face and defeat the Byogens.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Teateine is doing her best to restrain Neo King Byo-gen but she’s at her limit. The barrier won’t hold for much longer. It’s a good thing that the Precure show up in the nick of time! Neo King Byo-gen isn’t worried though. What can they do? Their attacks can’t touch him! Oh, really!? He gets a surprise when Cure Earth’s attack manages to scratch him. He realizes that she absorbed Shindoine’s powers. Sneaky, sneaky! Cure Earth manages to land another big attack on Neo King Byo-gen. Is it over? Not at all. In fact, that was their last chance. Teateine passes out and Neo King Byo-gen destroys the barrier. He then proceeds to absorb the Precure and the Healing Animals! Oh no!

© Izumi Todo / Toei Animation

Is this the end!? Inside Neo King Byo-gen, Nodoka is the only one conscious. He tells her that this is just how things work. For one species to thrive, another must perish. Living means fighting. If you want to live, you must fight. Only the winners are allowed to live. And you know what? Neo King Byo-gen is a winner. Nodoka agrees. Say what now!? She agrees that living is fighting. After all, she’s only here because she fought her sickness. Chiyu, Hinata, Asumi, Rabirin, Pegitan, and Nyatoran are all here because they fought, too. Nodoka refuses to give up! She will continue fighting harder than ever. She will protect her life and the healthy lives of her loved ones! Yeah, you tell him!

© Izumi Todo / Toei Animation

It’s not just the Precure and Healing Animals that want to live. Everyone else on the planet wants to continue living! They lend the Precure their strength. A brilliant light envelops the girls and it blinds Neo King Byo-gen. What sorcery is this!? The Precure hit Neo King Byo-gen with the Final Healin’ Good Shower and that’s all she wrote. Neo King Byo-gen has been defeated! The Earth has been purified! Don’t underestimate the people’s will to live! This fight has taken a lot out of the girls and they pass out in the middle of a grassy field. The townsfolk, including their family members, circle around them. I guess everyone knows who the Precure are now, huh? They’re eternally grateful to them. Everyone decides to keep their secret and pretend as if they don’t know the identities of the Precure. I respect that.

© Izumi Todo / Toei Animation

The next day goes like any other. It was hilarious seeing everyone in the town being extra nice to the girls. There are a few times though when people almost let the secret slip. I’m looking at you, Nodoka’s dad! Anyway, it’s revealed after school that Asumi and the Healing Animals are heading back to the Healing Garden. They’ve got to study in case the byo-gens ever come back! A tearful goodbye follows as the girls and their partners embrace one another. The time they spent together was fun, even if it was hard at times. They’ll be friends forever! And hey, they can always visit each other any time they want. So it’s goodbye for now, but not forever.

© Izumi Todo / Toei Animation

In Summary:
It’s finally over. The Precure have defeated Neo King Byo-gen! Although, I will admit that this final battle was quite underwhelming. I was hoping it would surprise me but I guess I was asking for too much. At least it didn’t look terrible. Despite the underwhelming fight, this episode actually wasn’t so bad. I definitely enjoyed the second half more than the first. I loved how the entire town discovered the identities of the Precure and decided to keep their secret. Their attempts to not make a big deal out of it were hilarious, too. The tearful farewell at the end was nice. Remember, it’s only goodbye for now, not forever! Also, this wasn’t the last episode. There’s still one left. I’m not sure what to expect next week. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll, VRV

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