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DMM Pictures Reveals 1st ‘Cagaster of an Insect Cage’ Anime Blu-ray Box Set Packaging

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After appearing on Netflix originally, the Japanese home video side is now set.
© 2019 Kachō Hashimoto / Tokuma Shoten, Mushikago no Cagaster Production Committee

The winter 2020 anime adaptation of the Mushikago no Cagaster manga from Kacho Hashimoto, localized as Cagaster of an Insect Cage, previously set its Japanese home video release plans. Distributed by DMM Pictures, the twelve-episode series is getting released as two six-episode Blu-ray box sets. Priced at 16,000 yen each, they’ll arrive at the end of February and March 2021 with known details for each set below. As we’re getting closer to these releases, we now have our first look at the full packaging spread for the first collection.

While the streaming of it had multiple dubs and subtitle tracks on Netflix, it’s expected that this will have only the Japanese related tracks.

The show has Koichi Chigira directing it for Netflix based on scripts by Shuiichi Kouyama. Akihiko Yamashita is handling the character designs with GONZO handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kidō, Kana Hanazawa as Iri, Natsuki Hanae as Ahato, Takahiro Sakurai as Franz, Daisuke Namikawa as Griffith, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Mario, Kazuyuki Okitsu as Jin, Junichi Suwabe as Kashim, Tomohiro Shiozaki as Hadi, Ai Kayano as Aisha, Tetsu Shiratori as Mercantile District Head, Yasuhiro Mamiya as Adham, Daiki Yamashita as Naji, Akari Kitō as Lydi, Tomokazu Sugita as Lazaro, Aoi Yūki as Carla, and Kousuke Toriumi as Petrov.

The original manga ran from 2005 to 2013 on Hashimoto’s own website and had seven volumes published in 2016 by Tokuma Shoten at the end of its run.

The opening song is “Be ZERO” as performed by Hilchryme and also the ending theme song “Okubyō na Ōkami 2019.”

Check out the series Netflix page here.

Plot Concept: Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious disease “Cagaster” turns people into giant murderous insects, this manga-based series follows the struggle of a young couple to stay alive.

Volume Date Extras
1 02/24/21 Booklet, Original Soundtrack, Clean Opening
2 03/31/21 Booklet, Original Soundtrack
Cagaster of an Insect Cage Japanese Box Set 1 Cover
Cagaster of an Insect Cage Japanese Box Set 1 Packaging
Cagaster of an Insect Cage Japanese Box Set 2 Cover

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