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30 Day Animation Challenge Day 11: Your Favorite Pixar Film

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Our animation challenge gets underway!

The folks at Pixar have had a really great run of films since the debut of Toy Story changed how a lot of people felt about CG animation and we’ve seen fantastic growth in the medium overall since then. It’s helped to make the whole thing a lot more accessible across a lot of levels and inspired immense creativity among fans and professionals alike.

With the studio mostly avoiding doing sequels outside of a couple of projects, we’re treated to a range of great standalone films that are all pretty different from each other. So as you look over their catalog, you have to ask yourself for this day, which one is truly your favorite?

Though I really enjoy a lot of their more recent output that explores things that they hadn’t for years, I always find myself going back to the second film with A Bug’s Life. Something about this one just clicks completely for me and has me putting it on replay every few months as a kind of comfort project with great acting, a lot of silliness, and an animation design style that took advantage of how the growing system could work to its advantage with the movements of insects.

Bonus question: What’s your least favorite Pixar film?

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