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Scout’s Honor #2 Review

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The script is solid, the artwork looks great, and everything delivers an engaging reading experience. Grade: B+

Forced into action.

Creative Staff:
Story: David Pepose
Art: Luca Casalanguida
Colors: Matt Milla
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

What They Say:
Ever since the bombs fell and the skies turned to nuclear fire, the Ranger Scouts of America have built their religion upon their most sacred law — always be prepared.

But after discovering a chilling secret in an abandoned bunker, Kit’s belief in the Scout tradition is rocked to the core — yet when a gang of murderous highwaymen breach the Ranger Scout compound, her growing doubts might come at a harrowing cost…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The opening installment of Scout’s Honor is one that gave us a really good look at the world that exists in this apocalyptic future but also pulled back a bit to show the lies going on about it. David Pepose put together a book I really enjoyed but one where I wish it had been able to spread itself out over a few more issues before getting to that point as the series has an easy “ongoing” feeling about it. It also helped that Luca Casalanguida was on the art duties for it as they’re very talented in capturing this kind of material and just engaging character work. The result is that we got all that we wanted on the action front coming together really well while at the same time getting a book that was expressive and engaging with giving us the truth of how our cast of characters feels.

We get a little bit more of Kit’s past here in seeing how she ended up in the compound when she was younger and why she took on the persona of being a boy, wanting to become a ranger after being saved by them even if her mother was lost. Tying that into her discovery of what the rangers actually are after finding the recordings of their origins, she’s managed to survive well enough to get back to the compound and lucked out in that her father found her first, keeping her secret safe. It’s a bit quick in how it unfolds but I like what we get with the father/daughter relationship here as he helps her in trying to recover something from the drone she hauled back and making clear the importance of it. There’s a good bond here, one based on surviving some tough things, and it helps to cement who Kit is a bit more.

Kit’s life is going through more changes now that this catalyst has been put in place as she’s be looked at as someone that could take the trials and advance at a time when she shouldn’t be allowed to and she’s also coping with the fact that Dez is apparently into her. But does Dez know her truth or is he into her think she’s a guy? Both paths are fraught with peril just in trying to find out the truth and it’s hard to say what’s best. Does Kit even want that? She doesn’t give any real thought or opinion here as mostly it’s panic over discovery. And even that gets cut short since the Highwaymen have managed their way in to find the drone and are causing a good bit of chaos and a couple of deaths as well, which really changes Kit’s path even more. While it’s likely that Kit will have her revenge on them some day, it’s another instance of the villains creating their own doom.

In Summary:
Scout’s Honor again has a lot going on here and if this is a standard 5 or 6 issue book, I’m already wishing that it was going to be twice the length so it had some room to breathe and establish its world. It’s my only real frustration at times with how AfterShock books work out in a way. There’s a lot to like with this issue in getting more flashback material to how Kit ended up in this place and the bond with her father while also digging into more of how the whole place work with the trials and the dangers of it all. Kit’s definitely an engaging character but I wish we had a bit more out of Dez as well so that we get more than just her view for everything. The script is solid, the artwork looks great, and everything delivers an engaging reading experience.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 16+
Released By: AfterShock Comics
Release Date: February 10th, 2021
MSRP: $4.99

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