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Dejah Thoris #10 Review

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A strong installment in the best Dejah Thoris series in years.

“A Princess Of Earth, Part 3”

Creative Staff:
Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Sebastian Piriz
Colors: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Simon Bowland

What They Say:
“A Princess On Earth” continues! Dejah, pursued by the United States Army, must rush to uncover the reason that her beloved homeworld is in danger of becoming an ice planet!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Dejah Thoris continues to be one of my favorite characters from Burrough’s works and Dan Abnett has been doing some fantastic storytelling with this series in expanding and working some really strong material from it that we haven’t seen before. This series has been hopping all over the place but it’s made the world of Barsoom feel even bigger and more real with all that it has introduced. Sebastian Piriz has also done a fantastic job in bringing it to life with all the strange things that we’ve seen, the range of characters at hand, and some fantastic action sequences all while keeping to the fanservice elements that drive a lot of the original appeal for a lot of fans going back for a lot of its existence.

This issue takes us back to Barsoom as things are getting worse and worse as the unusual snow has now shifted to unnatural heat as the world dies even more. This has Tars Tarkas working with his daughter Sola and fifty trusted warriors to protect Thuvia as she attempts to use her powers to reach the minds of both people of the green as Tarkas’ people are about to engage in a sprawling fight with the warhoon. With both sides losing the ability to communicate with each other and regressing to various degrees, it’s come down to just this and we have Tars doing his best to protect Thuvia in this last-ditch attempt at stopping what could be a genocide for both sides. It’s rough and hard but Piriz brings out some really beautiful pages in the first half here as the battle unfolds both in the distance and up close and personal.

All of that changes with the arrival of Llana and the rest from Gathol, fresh from Jasoom itself, as they save Tars and his group along with Thuvia who was unable to break through to either side. Though it’s a bit of an info dump, she brings everyone including the reader up to date on the basics and how they believe that Tars and Thuvia have the right idea, they just need a better approach and the more varied group that they have which includes the Kaldane. That doesn’t go over well but the idea is right and it’s all part of the larger fight that Dejah wants to take to Helium and beyond to save Barsoom from the Longborn. All these things are building really well and I love that this series has been able to work it across the ten issues so far and hope that there’s a lot more ahead to dig into for it as it can be an expansive fight with twists and turns.

In Summary:
While it’s a partial recap issue for a page or two and half of what we get is the sprawling battle on the mesa, there is a lot to love here. It’s a great fight scene with strong narration to drive events forward to s we know how Barsoom is doing these days while the arrival of Dejah and her team helps to expand beyond that with the larger scale problem and their plans to try and fix it. I’ve long loved Tars Tarkas so bringing him and Sola in for the right here is ideal and sets up for some really good material ahead that I’m looking forward to. A strong installment in the best Dejah Thoris series in years.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: February 10th, 2021
MSRP: $3.99

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