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Amazon Prime Begins Streaming Original ‘Space Adventure Cobra’ Anime Series

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Space Adventure Cobra

One of my favorite series from the days of old is getting some new distribution with the original 1983 anime series Space Adventure Cobra. TMS Entertainment has rolled out the first fifteen episodes of the thirty-eight episode series in its original Japanese language with English subtitles. They’ll be adding more as time goes on. The series is free for streaming for Prime members but doesn’t offer any purchase options for it.

Plot concept: Seeking reprieve from a painfully ordinary 9-to-5 existence, mild-mannered office worker Johnson visits the TM Corporation, a company that sells virtual dreams. In Johnson’s dream adventure, he’s the notorious space pirate Cobra! Accompanied by his android partner Lady Armaroid, Cobra fights the lowlife scum of the Pirate Guild by day and saves sultry sirens of space by night. After the journey is over, events unfold that bring reality into focus. His experience wasn’t a dream at all – it was a reawakening of his buried past!

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