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Seven Seas Acquires ‘Slow Life In Another World (I Wish!)’ Manga

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One salaryman is in for quite a surprise when his isekai fantasy becomes his all-too-real life!

Seven Seas Entertainment has a second new license acquisition this week with the pickup of the manga series Slow Life In Another World (I Wish!). The series comes from creators Shige and Nagayori which began in 2019 with two volumes published so far of the manga. The original light novels began in 2017 and has six volumes and is still ongoing.

Seven Seas will publish the series for the first time in North America in print and on digital platforms in single volume editions. The first volume will be released in August 2021 for $12.99 USA / $16.99 CAN.

Plot Concept: All Itsuki wants is an easy isekai life to take him far, far away from the stress of his salaryman slog. When a beautiful goddess sends him to a fantasy world and gives him the opportunity to choose his own ability, he makes certain he won’t ever have to work again. If only his new life were that simple… Turns out his new “pocket change” skill won’t do him much good when it comes to fighting giant bugs and winning arguments at the guild. Will Itsuki ever get the chance to live the lazy life of his dreams?

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