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Crunchyroll Adds ‘VladLove’ For Winter 2021 Anime Lineup

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Mamoru Oshii returns to TV anime, something he hasn't done since Urusei Yatsura ended in the 80s.

We’re continuing to be excited about this project as it’s been a long time since we’ve had Mamoru Oshii on the TV side of anime, going back decades. The VladLove anime series was pushed back to 2021 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but that’s not slowing down the reveals for it. With the series getting a YouTube premiere for its special version of the first episode on December 18th, 2020, while the formal streaming premiere was previously set for February 14th, 2021 through Abema and Amazon Prime. There are some rental streaming places being set up as well, though that’s mostly Japanese-focused.

Now, Crunchyroll has announced that they’ll be streaming the series as well with details to come in terms of date/time for the premiere. They’ll be streaming it in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.

Oshii’s listed as creator and chief director as he works with director Junji Nishimura on the project. With Kei Yamamura on board to work on the scripts while Kazunari Niigaki is serving as the character designer, it’s shaping up well. The production involves Comic Animation along with Drive while Production I.G. is listed as production cooperation.

Romi Park has joined the project in the role of Chihiro Chimatsuri. Check out her character promo below. The Japanese cast includes Ayane Sakura as Mitsugu Bamba, Rina Hidaka as Mai Vlad Transylvania, Saori Hayami as Maki Watabe, Yōko Hikasa as Jinko Sumida, Yu Kobayashi as Nami Unten, Kanako Takatsuki as Kaoru Konno, Kenta Miyake as Masumi Katsuno, Kaito Ishikawa as Okada, Ryūnosuke Watanuki as Kambara, Tarō Kiuchi as Horita, Hiroshi Iwasaki as Mai’s dad, and Kenji Nakata as Mitsugu’s pops.

Kanako Takatsuki is on board to perform the theme song as part of the BlooDye unit being created for the series. You can see them all together in the tweet below.

The opening theme song will be “Winds of Transylvania” which will be performed by LOVEBITES.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Mitsugu Bamba is a high school girl who is crazy about donating her blood, to the point that she feels compelled to visit a local blood bank despite the unfriendly nurse. One day, Mitsugu encounters a beautiful girl there who looks like she has come from overseas. The girl is so pale that she appears ready to faint. Instead, she suddenly starts trashing the blood bank. The girl then loses consciousness and so Mitsugu takes her home…

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