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‘Nakaimo – My Little Sister Is Among Them!’ Anime Trailer Streamed

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As a final wish, Kumagoro imposed a condition Shogo must meet before he can inherit the family legacy—find a female mate at school.

The summer 2012 anime series Nakaimo – My Little Sister Is Among Them! is our next focus as we take a look at shows that Sentai Filmworks never rolled out trailers for. They showed up from time to time on various home video releases at least so they were available in some form, but in terms of streaming and getting in front of a lot of people, not so much.

This series, sadly, is out of print when it comes to a home video release but it’s still available for streaming on HIDIVE.

Check out our review of the series.

Plot Concept: In accordance with his father’s will, Shougo Mikadono transfers to the school that his future wife is said to be attending. But also attending the school is Shougo’s younger sister who was separated at birth, and he doesn’t know what she looks like – but she attempts to get close to him without revealing who she is! Can Shougo figure out which of the girls at this school is his sister and find his destined life partner at the same time?

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