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Mashle: Magic & Muscles Chapter #48 Manga Review

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MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

Mash makes a statement in the first stage of the selection exam

What They Say:
Story & Art: Hajime Komoto
Translation: Nova Skipper
Lettering: Eve Grandt

What They Say:
The first trial pits the examinees against monsters immune to magic, making them basically invincible. Invincible? Mash’s fists would say otherwise.

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Mash is confronted by Orter Madl on his way into the exam. As if Orter wasn’t antagonistic enough with his bigoted “non-magic users aren’t human” speech, he also knocked an ice cream cone out of a little girl’s hands (what a jerk!). Mash pays him no mind, confiding in his muscles, ready to take his stand against Orter and all the haters. Mash enters the arena to hoots and hollers. It’s clear that non-magic user hate is a common sentiment, as the crowd chants “Go Home” at Mash. Finn is worried that the negativity might get to Mash, but Mash’s mental fortitude is as well-toned as his muscles. Speaking of, Mash reveals more names for his muscles in this chapter. It’s nice to meet ya Kevin, Tom, and Kim!

MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

The first test of the Selection Exam is a bit unorthodox. The examinees are tasked with finding a key hidden within the arena. All the while, they’ll have to avoid the Deadervants, a monstrous group of Minotaurs that are immune to magic. The students were up against extremely powerful foes; this would test their use of magic for flight rather than fight. Or at least that would be the case if Mash weren’t around. With one meaty punch, the mighty Minotaur drops to its knees writhing in pain. All the naysayers in the arena immediately eat their words – Mash isn’t here to play around, he’s here to become a Divine Visionary.

MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

In Summary:

A bit surprised by the style of the first exam, especially since it’s so catered to Mash. But it’s not over yet – I can only imagine that the exam will get harder from here.

Grade: B

Source: Shonen Jump app, Manga Plus app

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