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‘Root Film’ New Trailer and Release Date!

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Root Film takes players back to Shimane prefecture, entangling them in a new murder story by director Hifumi Kono.

This week, PQube and Kadokawa Games are excited to announce that the release date for the upcoming visual novel murder mystery Root Film, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and also available on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility on March 19th, 2021!

‘Root Film’ is an original narrative adventure centring around an unusual string of deaths during the production of a once mysteriously cancelled television series. Directed by Hifumi Kono and featuring voice acting from Japanese idols i☆Ris , players are invited to unravel a 10-year-old mystery lost in 35mm film. You will unwittingly become the detective in your very own murder mystery on the set of ‘Root Film’.

The limited edition of Root Film comes bolstered with an exclusive 100-page art book featuring a curated blend of environmental scenery, detailed character illustrations, and more. You can pre-order the Root Film limited edition on Funstock now!

Set in the Shimane prefecture, Root Film is based around the reboot of a mysteriously cancelled TV series “Shimane Mystery Drama Project”. Take the role of 23-year-old Rintaro Yagumo as his excitement for an amazing casting opportunity is quickly curbed, when a horrible murder interrupts their location scouting process.

Follow him and a cast of memorable characters illustrated by character designer Taro Minaboshi as they are drawn deeper into the thrilling mystery of Root Film.

Root Film blends the masterful storytelling Kadokawa Games is known for with newly built upon interactive features.

Intuition: The Intuition mechanic allows players to acquire keywords during conversations. Once activated, Intuition reveals words on screen that will be essential to investigations and confrontations.

Max Mode: After collecting enough keywords, you can confront other characters in Max Mode to resolve a mystery. In this fighting-game like face-off, it is essential that enough evidence has been collected beforehand to choose the correct conversation options from a selection screen.

Zapping: The Zapping system is a puzzle-solving mechanic that reveals the perspective of two characters at the same time. Experiencing events from two different viewpoints will be an exciting and essential tool to find out the truth about “Shimane Mystery Drama Project”!

About Kadokawa Games: Kadokawa Games, LTD, was established to publish consumer video games of Kadokawa Group companies. Kadokawa Games plans and develops completely original titles working closely with domestic developers and overseas game publishers eyeing the global market. Responding to the globalized and diversified game industry, the company aims to create and deliver revolutionary and beloved titles to the market. More information about Kadokawa Games can be found online at

About PQube: PQube is a leading international creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. The company’s teams worldwide are committed to publishing games they love by working closely with development partners and reaching consumers globally on all major gaming platforms. PQube manages a rich portfolio of brands including Cat Quest, New Super Lucky’s Tale, BlazBlue, Gal*Gun, White Day, Kill La Kill, Nexomon: Extinction, Guilty Gear, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and many more. Visit: to find out more.

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