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‘DNAngel’ Manga Completes 24-Year-Run

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One of my weirdly favorite nostalgia properties that I haven’t revisited in years is DNAngel. With the manga by Yukiru Sugisaki having begun in 1997 and having a break in the middle, it’s had seventeen volumes published so far and we learned in November 2021 that Sugisaki is now ready to end the work. The series has now wrapped up with the release of its latest and final chapter which just leaves plan in place for a “New Edition” release later this year year that will bundle up eight-volume series and be done in the A5 page size, giving the artwork more room to shine.

Check out the celebratory image that Sugisaki tweeted out this week below.

The series, based on the manga of the same name that was released by TOKYOPOP for awhile, had several anime releases over the years via ADV Films where the show was regarded as one of their best efforts and had a highly thought of dub that was directed by David Williams. Discotek Media licensed the anime in 2011 and Viz Media picked up the manga for their Viz Select line, which published up to volume 13 back in 2014.

Plot Summary: Being a young teen is hard enough for most boys, but Daisuke’s is a particularly hard destiny and he doesn’t even know it yet. Every male of the Niwa family possessess a peculiar gene that matures on their fourteenth birthday and is activated when he’s in love. Now any time Daisuke becomes enflamed with Risa, the object of his desires, he transforms into the legendary thief Phantom Dark!

The only way to return to normal is to win the affection of his true love, but she only has eyes for Dark. And she’s not the only one: Daisuke’s eccentric mom, the entire police force and the boy genius Satoshi, who harbors an even darker secret than Daisuke, all have their reasons to capture Dark. Now Daisuke has to keep his secret in the dark as he steals magical items for his family and attempts to steal the heart of his true love.

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