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Eri Ejima’s ‘Tai Ari Deshita. ~Ojо̄-sama wa Kakutо̄ Game Nante Shinai~’ Manga Gets TV Anime

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A new adaptation in the works!

After making their debut back in 2014, Eri Ejima’s latest manga series is the one that’s making the leap to anime with Tai Ari Deshita. ~Ojо̄-sama wa Kakutо̄ Game Nante Shinai~. Translating as Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games, the series began in 2020 as serialized in Monthly Comic Flapper magazine with the second volume published today with the announcement. Check out a free chapter of the manga here. The visual to the right was released to commemorate the announcement by Ejima.

Original manga creator Eri Ejima said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who followed the series, bought books, recommended them to others, and the gamers who made me want to draw this manga, and continue to do my best. We will continue to do so, so please look forward to the continuation of the original and the follow-up to the anime.”

Ejima’s prior work includes material in one of the Eclair anthologies as well as 2014’s Shoujo Kessen Orgia and 2016’s Yuzumori-san.

Check out the official site and Twitter. (TBA)

Plot Concept: The series focuses on high school girls at an elite finishing school who play fighting games. It begins when Aya, a commoner who enrolls into Kuromi Girls Academy, discovers the school’s queen bee Shirayuri playing a fighting game.

[Source: ANN]

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