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‘Wixoss Diva(A)Live’ Anime Adds New TV CM Spot

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A new incarnation arises.
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It’s been a couple of years as 2018 was when we had our last entry in the WIXOSS property with Lostorage conflated WIXOSS property. A new one is finally on the way as we learned back in March. Originally planned for a 2020 debut before COVID-19, the series is known as Wixoss Diva(A)Live and is scheduled for a January 2021 debut. With the series getting underway with a January 8th, 2021 premiere date, the official site has now updated with a new TV commercial spot for it.

The project has Masato Matsune directing it based on the series scripts coming from Tsuyoshi Tamai. Ui Shigure is adapting the original concept designs for the season and JC Staff returns for the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Saya Fukuzumi as Hirana Asu, Haruka Shiraishi as Rei Sakigake, Shizuku Hoshinoya as Akino Onko, Nozomi Nishida as Nana Nekozawa (MC.Lion), Yūki Hirose as Mimi Usakawa (DJ.Lovit), Rena Hasegawa as Rara Inumiya (VJ.Wolf), Band-Themed Divas “Uchū no Hajimari”, Ayumi Mano as Tamago Hakase (Dr.Tamago), Kotone Watanabe as Koeru Nobagoshi (Nova), Asami Mizukami as Big Bang (Bang), Lamalfa Michelle Tateyama as Mujika Yadoki (Mujika), Rui Tanabe as Sanga Shinonome (Sanga), Sayumi Watabe as Madoka Maka (Madoka), Eri Yukimura as Mikoto Fujishima (Mikomiko), Erisa Ichihara as Maho Umedu (Mahomaho), Rise Moritomo as Yukari Yanagi (Yukayuka), and M.A.O as Yuki Azami.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Original Concept: The peaceful days turn out to be short-lived as the shadow of another Selector Battle looms large. Mizushima Kiyoi is the first to notice that things are amiss, and she makes her move to put an end to the cycle of darkness.The Battle this time includes a new card, “Key,” and has been set up with rules different than before. With both the mastermind and their motive shrouded in mystery, the darkness grows ever deeper and more menacing. Homura Suzuko, Morishita Chinatsu, Mikage Hanna, Kominato Ruuko, Kurebayashi Yuzuki, Uemura Hitoe, and Aoi Akira… The Selectors gather once again. Hopes, memories, and the key… The final battle with everything on the line begins now!

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