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Shonen Jump Prepares Four New Manga Series Launches

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Which ones will you sample?

With a few series ending in Weekly Shonen Jump recently, including Moriking this past weekend, the magazine is going to have to fill up some of that space with new projects. And the plan is to launch four new series over the next four weeks, staggering it out a bit and seeing who gets to survive. We’re expecting to see the first few chapters of all of these show up on the English version of the magazine as part of the Jump Start program that Viz Media has to see which ones catch enough interest to simulpublish.

The new projects include:

Nige Jōzu no Wakagimi – The Young Lord Who is Skilled at Escaping: Set for a January 25th, 2021 debut, it comes from Assassination Classroom creator Yusei Matsui.

Aiterushi: Set for a February 1st, 2021 debut, it comes from creator Kazusa Inaoka, whose previous work was the 2018 three-volume series Kimi wo Shinryakuseyo!

Witch Watch: Set for a February 8th, 2021 debut, it comes from creator Kenta Shinohara, the creator behind Astra Lost in Space and Sket Dance.

Clones Ball Parade: Set for a February 15th, 2021 debut, it comes from writer Yūki Kamata and artist Ashibi Fukui. Fukui has a couple of series they’ve worked on in the last few years including 2020’s Slime & Dragons but it looks like this is Kamata’s first professional work.

[Source: ANN]


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