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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For January 10th, 2021

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So. Much. TV.

It’s a new year and that means… data caps! My region was lucky to avoid having those for all these years but we’re now getting capped starting this month, with some grace time, and I’ll admit that with a family of four with very different tastes, we gotta be careful how much we do stream. So I made sure to finish out some big shows last month and will probably be a touch choosier going forward, though we’re supposed to be getting some options on how to manage it for those who want “real” unlimited. Oh boy.

We’ve mostly whittled away our list of shows to watch in several of our streaming service queues so we’re definitely in a good place.

Current Netflix queue: Rose IslandI Am WomanRebeccaDolemite Is My NameLast Tango in Halifax (upcoming season), Disenchantment (upcoming season)

HBO Max queue: David Bowie: The Last Five YearsThe Flight AttendantThe Third DayTolkeinJojo RabbitWatchmen TVWestworld S3

Hulu queue: Das BootSwing ThingsI Kill GiantsThey Shall Not Grow Old

First up, a new movie landed where it’s the kind of hard to watch project that I can get into because it is hard to watch. coming from director Kornél Mundruczó, it focuses on the loss of a married couple and the way that everyone reacts throughout it and tries to process the loss. Everyone gets a chance to have some really good material for it but it’s really Vanessa Kirby’s film through and through, even if you struggle with the choices and paths she chooses at times. I was really interested in seeing more of her stuff after the Hobbes and Shaw film and this one really digs into some very hard material.

One show I’m late to is Umbrella Academy with its second season. I re-watched the first season this past summer with my eldest but she didn’t have time to watch the second season until the end of 2020. Which made for a great way to bring the year to a close as this season is just a whole lot of fun even if it is mirroring the base storyline and providing some forward momentum in character growth. After starting it the week prior and then the holiday getting in the way, we finished this one off and had a blast with it. I’m excited to see what comes next since it looks like it’s going to change the formula a bit. This season was a repeat of the first season of sorts but designed to get the characters to come together as a family and just have a whole lot more fun as it felt less busy.

The trailer for this film was definitely something that was fun but knowing that it’s based on a true story and actually made a huge impact in terms of where our international boundaries are designed in the oceans, I was looking forward to it. It’s a fun and almost kind of breezy film that fudges some of the facts and timing to be more dramatic but the big picture is very much there. It’s awkward placing the romantic leading couple something like 15 years apart in terms of their actual ages but it introduced me to Matilda De Angelis and her other work and music, for which I’m really grateful.

The fourth and final season of Sabrina dropped over the holiday weekend and I’ve gotten two episodes in and will finish that out in the next week or so. I continue to enjoy the show but knowing it’s the end has me feeling a bit less engaged with it, unfortunately. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where some of the cast ends up from here, though I suspect most I won’t see again.

The Dolemite Is My Name film has been in my queue since it came out a year ago but the holiday weekend was perfect for looking at this dramatized biopic of this real character. I’ve watched my fair share of blaxploitation films over the years and then through the lens of Tarantino  as well so there weren’t too many real surprises here. As always, Eddie Murphy does a great job when taking a serious turn and I really appreciated that he’s been trying to make this film for years as it’s a really good passion project that may be a feel-good movie in the end, but doesn’t gloss over the layers of troubles that its based on.

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