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30 Day Music Challenge Day 2: Your Favorite Concert

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Digging into the gaming world.

2020 has been terrible when it comes to concerts but there have been a lot of great streamed performances and Zoom-style concerts put on and a host of other events. We’ve got a two-part question here today when it comes to concerts as first we want to hear about your favorite concert that you’ve attended. It doesn’t have to be your first, just the one that’s most memorable. While my first concert was seeing Rush and they’ve been huge in my musical enjoyment, the one that resonated the most with me was Sarah Brightman during her Eden tour. That thing was just utterly magical for me and really delivered the goods and made me glad I picked up a recorded version of one of the stops for it.

Bonus Question: Your favorite pre-recorded concert that you revisit?

For me, again, something not quite traditional, is the Chess in Concert piece which has a stellar cast across the board.

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