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Gon vs Getnhru In This ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Anime Clip

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Gon draws Genthru into his trap!
Hunter x Hunter
© POT (Yoshihiro Togashi) 1998 – 2011 / NIPPON ANIMATION / SHUEISHA

It’s been a long time since I watched the Hunter x Hunter simulcast but the show was a real treat over its run which Crunchyroll had handled. Though the show is long done and over with, they’ve recently picked up on doing a few clips for it to try and draw fans back in, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when it makes for a great time to binge through over a hundred episodes. The latest piece to arrive is a look at episode 74 where Gon draws Genthru into his trap!

Series concept: A Hunter is one who travels the world doing all sorts of dangerous tasks. From capturing criminals to searching deep within uncharted lands for any lost treasures. Gon is a young boy whose father disappeared long ago, being a Hunter. He believes if he could also follow his father’s path, he could one day reunite with him.

After becoming 12, Gon leaves his home and takes on the task of entering the Hunter exam, notorious for its low success rate and high probability of death to become an official Hunter. He befriends the revenge-driven Kurapika, the doctor-to-be Leorio and the rebellious ex-assassin Killua in the exam, with their friendship prevailing throughout the many trials and threats they come upon taking on the dangerous career of a Hunter.