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Amazon Prime Adds First ‘Kyo Kara Maoh!’ Anime Season Streaming

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One of the best license rescues gets new streaming

Discotek Media is going to make a lot of folks happy with this pickup as they’ve acquired the rights to the first season of Kyo Kara Maoh! The distributor previously set an April 30th, 2019 release for the 39-episode set that has the original Japanese language plus the dub that Geneon Entertainment produced previously. Now, the show is getting some new streaming availability with it added to Amazon Prime in its English dubbed form for the full run here.

Additionally, you can buy each episode for 99 cents in HD or you can buy the full season for $31.99 in HD, again in English dubbed form.

Based on the manga by Tomo Takabayashi, the series was directed by Junji Nishimura based on the series composition by Akemi Omode. Yuka Kudo handled the character designs with Studio DEEN handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Takahiro Sakurai as Yuri Shibuya, Akio Ohtsuka as Gwendal von Voltaire, Hiroaki Hirata as Gegenhuber Griesela, Kazuhiko Inoue as Gunter von Christ, Kouki Miyata as Ken Murata, Masaki Terasoma as Adalbert von Grantz, Masako Katsuki as Cecilie “Celi” von Spitzweg, Minami Takayama as Anissina von Karbelnikoff, Mitsuki Saiga as Wolfram, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Conrad Weller, and Yumi Kakazu as Miko Shibuya.

The English cast includes Yuri Lowenthal as Yuri Shibuya, Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Miko Shibuya, Doug Erholtz as Conrad Weller, Edward Villa as Gegenhuber Griesela, Grant George as Ken Murata, Jack Lingo as Gunter von Christ, Jackson Daniels as Gwendal von Voltaire, Kirk Thornton as Adalbert von Grantz, Marvin Lee as Jozak Guriere, Mia Bradly as Cecilie “Celi” von Spitzweg, Michelle Ruff as Anissina von Karbelnikoff, and Mona Marshall as Wolfram von Bielefelt.

Plot Concept: Yuri Shibuya is an average baseball-loving high school student. One day, Yuri tries to save his former classmate from a group of hoodlums. Turning on him, they drag Yuri into the bathroom and push his face into the toilet. When they flush the toilet, he is transported to another world! Yuri is then taken to a castle and crowned King of the Demon World! Is he going to end up as the leader of the land, surrounded by his extraordinarily handsome lieges or will he make it back home?