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One Piece Episode #954 Anime Review

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Things really need to shift gears here.

© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji Television · Toei Animation
“Its Name is Enma! Oden’s Great Swords!”

What They Say:
Zoro runs after the warrior-monk who took his Shusui and Kawamatsu shares with Hiyori his memory of a fox that was guarding the graves in Ringo. As they catch up to Zoro, they find a room filled with swords. And Hiyori tells Zoro to give Shusui back to the Land of Wano.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Most of the episodes lately have felt like they’re leaning in closer to providing for some real forward movement in the storyline but invariably come down to more character introductions or reconnections. All of that does help to set the larger stage, no doubt, but there continues to be that sense from the small view that things just aren’t really getting anywhere. I know progress is being made, especially with each piece of the past that’s making new inroads in the present, especially with Kawamatsu, but at the same time it still doesn’t really feel like there’s a cohesive big picture plan to latch onto and see how these small parts connect.

There is some nice time during the travel period with Hiyori that Kawamatsu starts to talk about the past and it explores a good chunk of what had happened with Onimaru. But again, it’s just a great expansion on the past that we’ve seen nearly every episode do for a while now. And while it does shape things, it doesn’t give it meaning or a sense of where it belongs and why in the big picture. It’s not bad watching Kawamatsu taking care of Onimaru, but it’s just one more thing that’s keeping us from events in the present. And it just goes on and on as the two spend a lot of time together, helping each other, and getting Onimaru much better. It’s cute and tender at times but it just drags on for so long and as much as it’s cute I can’t bring myself to care in the slightest. Sadly, One Piece has taught me not to care about most things in it at this point

In Summary:
I hate that One Piece has me as soured as I am on at the moment because I’ve had so many great experiences with it over the years. This storyline and some of what we had before it have just been such a slog to get through that it feels like it’s been going on for years longer than it has. It’s only been about sixty-odd episodes plus downtime for the pandemic, yet it feels like three or four years. Things really need to shift gears here.

Grade: C+

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