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Rail Romanesque Episode #09 Anime Review

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There's dialogue here but it's without any real meaning or meat to it, resulting in some serious fluff.

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“Blooming Fans”

What They Say:
The story is set in the game’s fictional southern Hinomoto city of Ohitoyoshi after it was successfully revitalized thanks to Hachiroku’s tourism promotion. The city is now planning to host the first Maitetsu Festival to bring together Railords and their respective masters from all of Hinomoto. Inspired by the humans planning for the festival, the famed Suzushiro and other Railords are also hosting a “Railord Summit” at the railroad station cafe Amairo to share their collective wisdom.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After so many breakout sessions and not a lot in the way of anything that feels like real progress, I’ll admit that this episode hits a certain sweet spot for me. The idea that they come up with is to sell fans in the that show the half-circle style train stations where you can rotate out various engines. It’s presented well at the start and really looks great and actually fits the theme well. But since it won’t appeal to Chinese fans because they never get to actually see this final destination train station, it wouldn’t mean anything to them. Which I get when it comes to your casual person but it’d be a collectible for the more hardcore fans, which would buy up lots of these, and it’d still raise interest and curiosity.

In Summary:
Fluffy show is fluffy and the end part of the episode focuses on two of the girls spending the evening together where there’s plenty implied but nothing that will actually happen. It’s frustrating that we get a rare moment of good merchandising ideas to work with but the characters themselves shoot it down quickly. Bah!

Grade: C+

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