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11th ‘The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc’ Anime Episode Previewed

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Take a peek at the next upcoming episode!
© 2019 Tsutomu Satou / KADOKAWA / Magic High School 2 Production Committee

With the first season that came out in 2014, The Irregular at Magic High School is getting ready to come back for more. With an October 3rd, 2020 debut, the Visitor Arc is getting some promotion out of Japan. With the eleventh episode getting its web preview that you can see below, it gives us a taste of what’s coming on December 5th, 2020. Aniplex Japan shows like this region-lock their YouTube videos so we only have Twitter videos.

Funimation is streaming this for members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland, and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.

The series is being directed by Risako Yoshida with Kana Ishida on board to work on the character designs with 8-Bit handling the production.

This season will go under the heading of the Visitor Arc which works through volumes nine, ten, and eleven of the original work from Tsutomu Satou. The current novel series, which began in 2011, has thirty main novels and ten side story works.

The Japanese cast has several returning cast members confirmed so far with Yuichi Nakamura as Tatsuya Shiba, Saori Hayami as Miyuki Shiba, and Yoko Hikasa as Angelina Kudo Shields.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Property Concept: The year is 2095. Magic has been tamed as another form of technology, and the practice of magic is now a rigorous discipline. Brother and sister Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are just about to start their first year at the renowned First Magic High School of Japan. But the school’s ironclad rules mean that the brilliant Miyuki enters the prestigious Course 1, while her older brother, Tatsuya, is relegated to Course 2–and that’s just the beginning of their troubles!