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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For December 6th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.

The month of November means that a lot of shows dropped and there’s not enough time for it. On the to-watch list? Criminal (Netflix), Kingdom (Netflix), and a couple I’m already forgetting, never mind a movie or two. I need to finish up my third season of Young Justice (DC Universe) so I can drop the service.

For those who have followed this for the longest time, you know my love of romantic comedies. Netflix delivers a couple of good romcoms come Christmas the last couple of years and I’m curious to see what will really click for me. After finishing off Dash & Lily and taking a short break, I dug into the next show I had in my pile with Home for Christmas, which is a Norweigan show that came out last year and has a second season coming up in December. That first season was a delight and while waiting for the second season later this month, I sunk my tenth into two very different shows. First was a mode comedy oriented project with the German series Over Christmas with its Canadian-Italian lead, and then the more serious Holiday Secrets series.

I also realized that I missed out that there’s a two-part documentary piece called The Holiday Movies That Made Us. These are not greatly made documentary pieces as they’re more for the short attention span crowd, but they tend to have a lot of neat little unknowns mixed into it. While they almost never get the main stars or director for them, you do get producers and others that provide some real color for it that’s interesting. That Elf got the first slot made it worthwhile.


With Enterprise finished, I’m starting to sink my teeth into Voyager, a series I dropped after a few episodes during its original broadcast. My issue then was that the whole Starfleet/Maquis differences and friction side – which was the draw to me in having a split crew – ended up being sanded down to nothing very quickly and it was easy to lose interest. I’m in the early part of the third season so far and again, it’s not bad but it’s barely serviceable as it works through the larger storyline material with the Kazon while at the same time being a non-serialized-ish show. I still don’t care much for most of the cast and it’s all just kind of there.

This week’s new episodes of Discovery and The Mandalorian were a lot of fun for very different reasons and the latest round of sitcoms left me amused, mildly for the most part, though The Unicorn continues to tickle a particular piece for me that has me enjoying it more.

The only other show I started back in on is the second season of Deadwind as I had missed that it had it at all and that it’s the kind of show that’s better to watch in the winter than in the warmer months.