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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 22nd, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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The month of November means that a lot of shows dropped and there’s not enough time for it. On the to-watch list? Criminal (Netflix), Kingdom (Netflix), and a couple I’m already forgetting, never mind a movie or two. I need to finish up my third season of Young Justice (DC Universe) so I can drop the service.

For those who have followed this for the longest time, you know my love of romantic comedies. Netflix delivers a couple of good romcoms come Christmas the last couple of years and I’m curious to see what will really click for me. While I’m judicious with which ones I watch, I was excited to see Dash & Lily, an eight-episode show that’s about 25 minutes per episode. It is pure teenage wish fulfillment material set in NYC with kids living in places that make little sense, but whatever. It’s just delightfully light and fluffy and fun. It’s as breezy as can be and makes little sense at points in time, but my goodness I made sure to enjoy watching two episodes per night and coming away smiling.

One thing I did start up recently is the Enterprise series. I had seen some of it when it first aired what feels like forever ago but I had a hard time getting into it at the time combined with pre-emptions and so forth. So I’m making my way through it while trying to shed some of the preconceptions I had about it at the time and my dislike of going backward in the timeline. I’m currently moving through the fourth season and it’s certainly showing some of the weaknesses I had been told about, especially since the third season was pretty decent. There are so many paths this show should have gone on instead of the ones it did, and to try and capture more of the serialized nature of things, that it’s mostly a frustrating experience.

I’m continuing to love Star Trek: Discovery with what this season is offering. The series continues to be a strong one for me, especially as Burnham has changed so much after being in the future for a year and has “loosened up” in a way that meant that she’s found who she is. There’s a lot to like in the show in general and exploring the 32nd century with some vastly different approaches to technology and space travel is definitely proving to be a lot of fun.