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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter #40 Manga Review

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MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

The trial of Mash Burnedead is now in session

Creative Staff:
Story & Art: Hajime Komoto
Nova Skipper
Eve Grandt

What They Say:
The bigwigs at Easton Academy have caught wind of Mash’s big secret. Now he faces judgment from the Bureau of Magic. Will Mash be punished for his non-magical crimes, or are his physical abilities enough to prove his worth?

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Divine Visionaries are the cream of the crop at Easton Academy. Not only are they the shining exemplars for mages-to-be, but they also serve as protectors of magic society. If something or someone threatens to shake the balance, it’s their duty to expunge that threat. And in the case of a Mash Burnedead, his very existence is deemed hazardous. Mash is under investigation for concealing his non-magical nature, and the Bureau of Magic would see fit that he be punished for his crimes. But before the Bureau can pass down their judgment, a Divine Visionary arrives to test Mash.

Ryoh Grantz, Magic Security Forces Captain and Divine Visionary, offers Mash an interesting point of view – it’s only natural that everyone follows the laws of magic society because those very rules are suited to protect the majority, that being magic users. So, what is someone like Mash, a minority in this case, supposed to do in the face of majority rule? It’s simple – he must persuade the majority to his side. Grantz places a candle in front of Mash and asks that he light it without touching it. If Mash wishes to stay at Easton Academy, he needs to give them ample reason.

And Mash does just that. Using a wand and the power of 10,000 boy scouts, Mash creates a vortex of fire using friction alone. Both Grantz and the Bureau vice-director are impressed, but Mash’s trial is far from over. The rest of Easton’s Divine Visionaries are on their way to handle the situation. Will Mash be able to sway the school’s top mages?

MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

In Summary:
Mash has been the target of magic society since chapter one of Mashle, but he has yet to waver in the eyes of his critics. The next chapter will introduce a slew of new characters; I’m excited to see what the Divine Visionaries bring to the table.

Grade: B

Source: Shonen Jump app, Manga Plus app

MASHLE © 2020 by Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
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