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AniMoon Showcases Latest ‘Pet Girl of Sakurasou’ German-Dubbed Anime Clip

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This is Sorata's only thought after moving to Sakurasou, the problem dormitory of Sui High School.
© Kamoshida Kazu / ASCII · Media Works / Sakuraso Production Committee

With Sentai Filmworks bringing out their edition of this series with an August 25th, 2020 bilingual release of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, a show we reviewed recently, German distributor AniMoon Publishing is doing the same for theirs. They brought out the first volume of the series on July 22nd, 2020 in bilingual form and have now showcased the dub for it with a pair of new dub clips for it. The show is being released across four discs with six episodes per disc and the first set is a limited edition with a box for it. The latest clip comes as the third volume has seen release.

The two-cour series debuted in 2012 with Atsuko Ishizuka directing it based on the scripts by Mari Okada. JC Staff handled the animation production for it.

The German cast includes Laura Elßel as Mashiro Shiina, Tim Schwarzmaier as Sorata Kanda, Adam Nümm as Jin Mitaka, Jenny Löffler as Chihiro Sengoku, Jodie Blank as Yuuko Kanda, Josephine Schmidt as Misaki Kamiigusa, Laurine Betz as Ayano Iida, Moira May as Ryuunosuke Akasaka, Rieke Werner as Rita Ainsworth, Sarah Alles as Nanami Aoyama, Sebastian Kluckert as Daichi Miyahara, Manuel Vaessen as Principal, and Verena Dienst as Momoko.

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The dub was directed by John Swasey and the English cast includes Greg Ayres as Sorata, Caitlynn French as Mashiro, Christina Kelly as Nanami, Luci Christian as Misaki, Scott Gibbs as Jin, Olivia Swasey as Chihiro, Adam Gibbs as Miyahara, Natalie Rial as Hikari/Shiho, Alejandro Saab as Nekosuke, Avery Smithhart as Mayu, Blake Shepard as Akasaka, Blake Weir as Misaki’s Father, Brittney Karbowski as Yuko, Bryson Baugus as Iori, Heath Morrow as Kazuki, Hilary Haag as Kanna, Kira Vincent-Davis as Fuuka/Yayoi, Luis Gallindo as Sennin, Mike Haimoto as Tatebayashi, Skyler Sinclair as Rita, Shelley Calene-Black as Ayano/Meat Lady, Holly Segarra as Maid, Ian Sinclair as Game President/Male Gym Teacher, John Swasey as Principal, Julia Traber as Cham Cham/Momoko, Mai Le as Hau Hau, Mike Vance as Meat Man/Sorata’s Father, Nastasia Marquez as Sorata’s Mother, Patricia Duran as Driving Instructor / Koharu, and Rob Mungle as Security Guard.

Additional casting includes: Christina Guidry, Courtland Johnson, Katelyn Barr, Kyle Jones, Matthew Kuns, Patrick Marrero, Shannon Emerick, and Taylor Fono.

Plot concept: The first time he saw her, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately for Sorata Kanda, “she” was a cat named Hikari and his school’s rules forbid keeping pets in the regular dorms. As a result, Sorata is banished to the infamous Sakura Hall alongside other troublesome and unusual students like Jin, overzealous playboy, Ryunosuke, the reclusive hermit, and Mashiro, a brilliant artist who’s so unfocused and clueless about the real world that dorm supervisor Ms. Sengoku assigns Sorata the task of taking care of her along with his ever-growing collection of stray cats!

Needless to say, Mashiro’s inability to understand the boundaries of propriety (or even when and how to dress herself) is certain to cause trouble and Sorata’s friend Nanami is especially unhappy to find herself suddenly competing for Sorata’s attention with the “Pet Girl!”