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Kadokawa Schedules ‘The Journey of Elaina’ Anime DVD/BD Box Sets

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© Jougi Shiraishi・SB Creative / Majo no Tabitabi Production Committee

The fall 2020 anime adaptation of the Journey of Elaina light novel series is getting its home video release handled by Kadokawa. The distributor has opted to go for two box sets for this release with separate DVD and Blu-ray releases. The releases begin on January 27th, 2021 and wrap up on February 24th, 2021. The DVD sets are 16,000 yen each for the six episodes within while the Blu-ray sets are priced at 18,00 yen. Check out the known details below.

The series is directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka with C2C handling the animation production. The original light novel series was written by Jougi Shiraishi with artwork by Azure.

The Japanese cast includes Kaede Hondo as Elaina, Kana Hanazawa as Flan, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Saya, and Yoko Hikasa as Sheila.

Reina Ueda performed the opening theme song “Literature” for the show while the ending theme is “Haiiro no Saga” by ChouCho.

Plot Concept: What’s your favorite story? Does it have a hero who slays a dragon and saves a princess? Or a child of prophecy destined for greatness? Well, my favorite story is a little different. It’s the tale of a witch who travels the world, seeking nothing in particular. With no quest of her own, she’s free to wander wherever the wind takes her, adding a few pages to the story of whomever she meets before setting off on her next adventure. At the end of her travels, the witch takes on an apprentice who will one day begin her own journey. And so the cycle continues, or so the story goes. Now, the witch who starts the story anew…who could she be?

Volume Date Extras
1 01/27/21 Booklet, Original Novel, Clean Opening, Clean Closing, Web Previews
2 02/24/21 Booklet, Storyboard Collection, Promos, Commercials, Web Previews

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