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Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM Season 3 Episode #02 Anime Review

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Expect humor, expect stolen hearts (none get damaged by the theft), and smiles.
Title card for Episode 2
Is the order a Rabbit? BLOOM Season 3 Episode 2

Who steals treasured pieces of art, high-end jewelry, and……the hearts of everyone around her? It’s Phantom Thief Lapin!

What They Say:
Bunnisode 2: “The Case of the Childhood Friend’s Stolen Heart”

An unexpected trek through the spooky woods puts Syaro and Chiya’s relationship to the test, but there’s more to the situation than meets the eye…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Today’s episode is all about a newly popular TV show based upon a novel written by the resident writer Aoyama Blue Mountain: “Phantom Thief Lapin.” While it’s very clear what that’s playing upon (lapin, French for “rabbit,” already in use by the show for the cafe where Sharo works) and what it’s borrowing from (change a vowel and it’s pretty obvious), what gives it a direct connection to the girls of Is the Order a Rabbit? is that Aoyama very clearly based her thief on Sharo, at least physically. For Sharo fans, this episode will be one to remember.

For Sharo herself, she’s curious about the phantom thief made in her likeness, but in order to get closer to her, she’ll have to overcome her natural shyness and tendency to be easily scared. Her good friend and neighbor Chiya is…not much help, as Chiya loves nothing more than horror movies and getting scared––and getting other people to get scared for fun too. Her attempts to frighten Sharo (all in good fun!) largely go nowhere though, as Sharo knows what Chiya is up to and refuses all of her invitations. At this point, we divert for a “test of courage” which ends up just being a “let’s troll Sharo” segment, as this test of courage is actually just a prank thought up by Cocoa for the best of intentions (to bring Sharo and Chiya together; Cocoa seemed to sense them being a bit distant).

An image of the "Phantom Thief Lapin"
“In the name of the moon……wait, wrong franchise…”

Finally, Cafe Lapin, where Sharo works, is doing a collaboration event with the Phantom Thief Lapin. Sharo is the natural one to dress up as the thief, but all of the kids at the cafe are more drawn to the person in the mascot suit playing bunny detective Zeni…I’ll stop there…since they never give him a name beyond “Inspector” for obvious reasons. Sharo then comes to the Rabbit House to seek Cocoa’s help, since Cocoa, ditzy airhead that she is, is also extremely good at making friends with random strangers and children (this is a common slot in “feel good” shows, there tends to be one character whom we could call…a genius at making others smile). Cocoa suggests an all-night viewing party of the Phantom Thief Lapin TV show, so all the girls gather in her room in the Rabbit House (as she has a room in the family quarters above the cafe), where Sharo watches and learns how to imitate the character very well.

Basically, we have yet another set of light, fluffy, comedic sketches that continue to play off of the established personalities of the girls. While the Phantom Thief schtick might be new for Sharo, she is a character who has often been played for unlimited fabulousness (based upon some of the focus frames in fantastic poses she has been given over the course of the previous seasons), so it works perfectly well. Cute, cuddly, fun, and heartwarming is what this show does best. It provides comfort in troubling times. Do not expect great depth or angst. Conflict, when it occurs, will always be smoothed over by the episode’s end (except for Cocoa’s inability to accept it when Sharo is being sincere). This is not a show that will appeal to moody teenagers or to people who seek “edginess” or what passes for cool.

Just give into the warm fluffy embrace of the rabbits.

In Summary:
When the new “Phantom Thief Lapin” TV show hits it big, suddenly all the world (well, the world in this small town where the Rabbit House is located) wants in on it. It impacts directly most on Sharo, who is tasked with portraying the phantom thief when her workplace, Cafe Lapin, does a collaboration event. Physically, it’s not a problem (since the fictional character’s creator, Aoyama, modeled the thief after Sharo), but to play the part right will take some effort. Enter Cocoa and an all-night viewing session of the show. Expect humor, expect stolen hearts (none get damaged by the theft), and smiles.

Grade: A

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