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Tubi TV Adds ‘Twelve Kingdoms’ Anime Streaming

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A high school student is approached by a stranger, claiming he's been searching for her because she is the rightful ruler of his kingdom.

Discotek Media previously made a very welcome pickup to get back into the marketplace with The Twelve Kingdoms. With the home video releases out last year and streaming through a couple of services, they’ve now got a new streaming partner for the show that has just started up recently. The folks at Tubi TV have added the show to their service in its English dubbed form which you can find here.

The distributor previously set a May 28th, 2019 release date for the complete series on Blu-ray where it’ll be priced at $89.95. It’ll have the 45-episodes in bilingual form with both Japanese and English language tracks. No extras are listed at the moment for the 990-minute set.

Media Blasters previously released the series on DVD and Blu-ray in bilingual form in North America.

Plot concept: Upon being confronted by a mysterious stranger, Youko is told of her destiny and pulled away into another world. Thus begins Youko’s perilous journey to the kingdom of Kei on an epic road of espionage, terror, and betrayal. The mystic world of The Twelve Kingdoms assails her with one challenge after another. Will Youko embrace her destiny?