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Spy x Family Vol. #02 Manga Review

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Spy x Family Volume Two is just as incredible as book one; both Endo’s art and storytelling do not disappoint.

Eden Academy poses new threats to the Forger family and Operation Strix

Creative Staff
Story & Art: Tatsuya Endo
Translation: Casey Loe
Lettering: Rina Mapa
Design: Jimmy Presler
Editor: Amy Yu

What They Say:
Anya narrowly passes admissions to Eden Academy, completing the first step of Operation Strix. But Twilight’s worries are far from over. To further his mission, Anya will have to do one of two things: earn the title of Imperial Scholar or befriend the target’s son, Damian… both of which seem utterly implausible. On top of all that, Yor’s brother Yuri (who happens to be a spy-hunting secret policeman) is coming over to meet Loid. Things are looking dire for Agent Twilight – has the world’s greatest spy finally met his match?

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Forger family nearly implodes when they don’t see Anya’s name on the Eden Academy admissions board. Thankfully, Housemaster Henderson informs them that Anya is at the top of the school’s waiting list. They receive the acceptance phone call a few days later and collectively breathe a sigh of relief – but that relief is very short-lived.

After an extravagant celebration, it was time to prepare for phase two of Operation Strix. To reach Donovan Desmond, Twilight will have to breach Eden Academy’s inner circle. But not just anyone can join – Anya will have to become an Imperial Scholar for Twilight to gain access to Desmond’s prestigious social bubble. Eden Academy’s merit system works like this: earning eight Stella Stars through exceptional grades or contributions to society will grant students the title of Imperial Scholar. But there’s a catch. Bad grades or behavior can earn students Tonitrus Bolts – collect eight of those and you are immediately expelled from Eden Academy.

Twilight almost immediately gives up on the idea of Anya becoming an Imperial Scholar. Instead he opts for Plan B: The Friendship Scheme. Twilight pulled some strings to get Anya in the same homeroom as Desmond’s son Damian. If Anya can befriend Damian, then it’ll be that much easier for Twilight to make his move… or so he thought. After being bullied by Damian and his goons, Anya puts her mom’s physical training to the test and punches Damian right in the kisser. By the end of orientation day, Anya has earned one Tonitrus Bolt and shattered any chance of befriending Damian. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Twilight.

After a hysterical escapade of sneaking around school and subliminally messaging Anya to apologize to Damian, Twilight (aka Loid) rethinks his approach later that night. He grills Anya over her studies, to the point where she storms off into her room. Seeing Loid’s frustration, Yor opens a discussion about their approach to parenting, all while uplifting each other and Anya. When Loid goes to apologize to Anya, he finds her asleep at her desk, studying by herself. This manga really excels at comedy, but I think the wholesome familial interactions are just as top-notch.

The Forger’s have (somewhat) made progress on the academic side of things, but another threat was soon approaching. Yor forgot to tell her younger brother, Yuri, that she had gotten married and now it was a whole year after the fact (according to Twilight’s forged documents). Yuri is similar to his sister – sweet on the outside, with some deadly secrets on the inside. Yuri works for the State Security Service, a policing body whose sole purpose is to root out spies. After an intense interrogation job, Yuri heads to the Forger residence to meet his new brother-in-law. To make matters worse, Yuri has an extreme sister complex. As Yor’s husband and an enemy in the eyes of the Eastern government, the last person Twilight should be encountering is Yuri. Twilight will have to pull off his best spy work yet to get past him.

Volume two also comes with a hefty batch of extras! Franky’s Secret Files make a return, this time highlighting sketch designs of the Eden Academy students and staff. Also included are two single-page comics as well as the one-shot that was published before the manga’s serialization.

In Summary:

Spy x Family Volume Two is just as incredible as book one; both Endo’s art and storytelling do not disappoint. Eden Academy is the perfect place for some hilarious Anya antics, and the high stakes surrounding Operation Strix make Twilight’s mission more thrilling with each chapter. If it wasn’t obvious by now, Spy x Family is slated to be one of Shonen Jump’s biggest winners for the foreseeable future.

Content Grade: A
Art Grade:
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade:

Age Rating: Teen+
Released By:
VIZ Media
Release Date:
September 1st, 2020
$9.99 (paperback) / $6.99 (digital)

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