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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter #32 Manga Review

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In the world of Mashle, the strongest mages rule over everything. Will brute force alone be enough for Mash to break this societal structure?

Creative staff:
Story & Art: Hajime Komoto
Translation: Nova Skipper
Lettering: Eve Grandt

What They Say:
We’ve arrived at the grand showdown – Abel vs. Mash, House Lang vs. House Adler, Magic vs. Muscles. The Magia Lupus leader has made his position clear on non-magic users. Mash will have to beat some sense into the pompous mage to change his mind.

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Abel is surprised to see Mash standing before him once again. With Abyss Razor’s Evil Eye rendered ineffective, he almost deduces that Mash isn’t even a mage (with no help from Mash losing his poker face for a moment). Abel proceeds to go on a long-winded speech, making his antagonistic intentions clear as day. According to him, the world is unfair, but that’s how it is meant to be. Those that are weak, those who shelter the weak, and those with no magical ability have no place in society. Merely segregating them isn’t enough – Abel plans on eradicating them.

Obviously, Abel’s philosophies do not sit well with Mash. He thinks about his father, who protected him from the captious eye of the magic world. In Abel’s perfect world, there is no room for Mash or his father. Mash’s shocked reactions seem facetious at first, but he gets serious when Abel attacks with his dolls. Mash fends off the dolls the only way he knows how – in the most ridiculous way possible. Using the head of one doll, Mash throws it like a bowling ball, striking down the remaining dolls. Love, the Fifth Fang, walks in just in time to see Mash pull off this ludicrous feat.

One of my favorite aspects of Mash’s character is his ability to expose the hypocrisy of his opponents. Abel represents pure-blooded supremacy, making him the Lucius Malfoy to Mash’s Harry Potter. In Abel’s own words, “the strong take from the weak” and “I can’t abide by defective genes”. Mash’s response is simple, but effective, “If I manage to beat you, what does that say about your genes?” Time and time again Mash has one-upped someone who underestimated him. For him, the easiest way to defeat his opponent is to make them eat their own words. It feels very cathartic to watch Mash clown on the mages of Easton Magic Academy, and he’s about to add Abel to the ongoing list of fools.

In Summary:
The bout between Abel and Mash serves as the central point of conflict in the world of Mashle, so I’m curious to see where the story goes from here. I’m sure the fight itself will be hype as all hell, but Komoto has his work cut out for him to maintain the moment that Mashle has built over these 30+ chapters. Looking forward to how things play out in the coming weeks!

Grade: B+

Source: Shonen Jump app, Manga Plus app

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