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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode #11 Anime Review

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“11 – The Glow of Life”

What They Say:

Anos Voldigoad was a tyrannical Demon King that eradicated humans, spirits, and even the gods, but became bored of eternal warfare and reincarnated with dreams of a peaceful world. However, what awaited him in reincarnation after 2000 years were descendants who became too weak after being accustomed to peace, and all sorts of magic that deteriorated to the extreme. Anos enters Demon King Academy that gathers and educates those who are viewed as the reincarnation of the Demon King, but the academy could not see through his powers and ends up branding him as a misfit.

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

With their advantage of holy water being vaporized within Lake Seimei, the elite Jerga Kanon class of Arclaniska Hero Academy must now face off against Anos’ group from Delsgade Academy on a supposedly level playing field. However as his allies wonder how they will compete against the humans, all are resolute in their determination to beat these braggarts using their own powers, not relying on the cooperative effects of Gyze. However Voldigoad does not waste any time, beginning the assault with a massive energy bolt aimed at the opposing team, but all are surprised to witness a lone girl charging forth fearlessly and easily decimating the debilitating blast. In response, the heroes produce a De Igelia barrier which will reduce their enemies’ power while enhancing their own allies’ prowess, to which the demons wonder how they can attack within such a disadvantageous environment, allowing Misha to answer if she can create a castle within its boundaries, the deleterious influence can be negated.

Easily penetrating the field, Anos teleports himself and Misha with the barrier, but the poor girl soon feels the toxic effects of De Igelia, causing her friend to cast a healing spell as he holds off the vanguard of Ledriano and the emotionless girl who is introduced as first seat Zeshia. While these humans are assured in their abilities to defeat this so called Demon King of Tyranny, those skills are soon put to the test as he effortlessly blocks each of their fierce attacks, much to their shock and dismay. But after the demon castle complete and it negates influence of the area, Sasha soon finds herself in for a challenge as she wanders the field and is accosted by the boisterous voice of the muscular warrior Laos, who is determined to show her he can defeat anyone. And yet as Necron deftly floats away from each fervent charge, Ray discovers his contest is somewhat more sinister as he must contend with someone who takes great pride in making his enemies suffer – the charming if excessively fiendish swordsman named Heine. As each contest continues with the heroes confident in their abilities to defeat these lowly demons, there is a strange voice echoing within the area, telling the humans to kill their rivals, but it seems a bit much, especially when this is supposed to be a friendly competition between schools and not a fight to the death.

In Summary:

With all of the pompous bravado which these so called heroes displayed within the prior exams, this episode allowed us to laugh at their fruitless efforts, especially when shown how powerless they are when their faced against beings who wield true strength of character. Although we knew Anos’ abilities would play a part, it was refreshing to see Sasha and Ray overcome their challenges and use their wits and skills to overcome their respective challenges, especially considering how much pain they had to endure during training. But as the true villainy behind the humans’ schemes becomes realized, it makes us wonder if the plots occurring within each territory may be related, and if someone from two thousand years ago may still hold an eternal grudge against the Demon King of Tyranny.

Grade: A+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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