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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For September 6th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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The debut of September means that a lot of shows dropped and there’s not enough time for it. On the to-watch list? The Boys Season 2AwayYoung Wallander, and a couple I’m already forgetting, never mind a movie or two.

One of the first things I got into though was the third season of A.P. Bio on Peacock which was great since I’m a Comcast customer so that got me premium access from the start. This season is only eight episodes but I’m spreading it out and not binging it so I can savor it. The show basically went from broadcast to PG-13 and it’s definitely jarring at times with some of the minor swearing and more adult-ish content. But it’s the kind of show that should more naturally embrace streaming and showing what it can do when not constrained by broadcast standards.

I’ve moved further into Lucifer with the fifth season and am close to finishing this first half of the season with its eight episodes. The show is such a delight and its growth and evolution over the course of the run is the best, though it knows how to manage its case of the week stuff even with all of this. There’s just something that really clicks with this property.

Lovecraft Country continues to be great. This week felt like some real classic adventure material in the serialized/Indiana Jones style of things while just having fun with it all. The background story continues to evolve and this cast is just fantastic across the board.

HBO Max also dropped the first three episodes of Raised by Wolves and I’m already behind. With new episodes on Thursdays, I got to take in the first one and I’m really curious to see more of Ridley Scott talking about the dangers of androids. There are a lot of moments of this where the show plays out like Elfen Lied in live-action form which is just intense but there’s a lot of interesting layer beyond that with the rest of the show. I absolutely adore the true “classic” costuming of the human characters from Earth as it speaks to a 40s/50s kind of design in a way that really makes me giddy.

Otherwise, I continue on with things like Whitney and Cougar Town and still digging into some of the episodes of the second season of A.P. Bio I haven’t revisited yet. The main other thing I watched this week was the High Score limited series on Netflix which delved into gaming in the 70s through 90s. I watched this with my daughter so as to show her what gaming was like growing up and it was just a delight. Seeing some of these people I had only read about in the past, such as the creators behind King’s Quest and other games at Sierra Online and “Lord British” and all that was a treat. There are a lot of great Japanese creatives interviewed and dealt with as well as it captures what was going on in the US through Japan and vice versa. It’s a great show and I hope they get to do more with some deeper explorations.

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