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The Weekly Anime & Manga Discussion Post For September 6th, 2020

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The common bond between us all with anime is ever-present, however, and we've got a new week of anime, manga, novels, and simulcasts that we've taken a look at to help you discover your next favorite property.

As we get into September we’re starting to see things being laid down for a lot of shows to wrap up soon and that’s exciting and sad at the same time. More details of the fall season shows are coming and we’ve gotten a lot of news through various virtual cons as well. While we had a slowdown with anime earlier this year, it cannot be stopped as just like the spice, anime must flow!

That said, we’ve got you covered with a slew of new anime and manga reviews so you can make some solid entertainment choices. We’ve got simulcasts, we’ve got volumes of manga, we’ve got the latest chapters, and we’ve got home video releases! There’s just SO much good stuff to be excited about!

With that said, make sure to take the time to enjoy some things you have in life because that’s necessary self-care as well.

Don’t forget to check out our latest podcast with Fandom Post Radio Episode #82: “Sum-sum-summertime”!

This month, we’re looking at expanding our offerings with our Patreon push as well as the latest GoFundMe as we lost our major advertiser and are figuring out how to stay in business. We recently had a new Ten Years Later with Ten Years Later: Highschool of the Dead Anime, and are looking at what to work on next! If you’d like to write one, let us know!

This past week saw manga volumes and light novel reviews go live for:

  1. Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon Vol. #02 Manga Review
  2. Dead Mount Death Play Vol. #04 Manga Review
  3. Little Miss P: The Second Day Manga Review
  4. Phantom Tales Of The Night Vol. #04 Manga Review
  5. Blue Flag Vol. #03 Manga Review
  6. Blue Flag Vol. #02 Manga Review
  7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 – Diamond is Unbreakable Vol. #06 Manga Review

And some reviews of the latest chapters of new series with:

  1. Kaiju No.8 Chapter #09 Manga Review
  2. Moriking #17 Review
  3. Magu-Chan: God of Destruction Chapter #09 Manga Review
  4. Ayakashi Triangle Chapter #10 Manga Review
  5. Time Paradox Ghostwriter #14 Manga Review (Series Finale)
  6. Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter #28 Manga Review

We’ve also got some hentai reviewed with:

  1. Scorcher Hentai Manga Review
  2. The Professor’s Complicated Love Life Hentai Manga Review
  3. Toda-san Wants the Upper Hand Hentai Manga Review
  4. Choko – Livestream Accident Hentai Manga Review

And on the home video side:

  1. Price of Smiles Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review
  2. The Wind Rises Blu-ray Review (2020 Edition)
  3. Island Complete Collection Essentials Edition Blu-ray Anime Review
  4. Fighting Spirit Vol. #05: Forward! Forward! Anime DVD Review
  5. Tokyo Babylon Anime DVD Review

Plus lots of simulcast reviews!

  1. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Episode #09 Anime Review
  2. The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode #10 Anime Review
  3. Fire Force Season 2 Episode #10 Anime Review
  4. Umayon Episode #09 Anime Review
  5. Extra Olympia Kyklos Episode #15 Anime Review
  6. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO~OHMORI~ Episode #18 Anime Review
  7. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode #26 Anime Review
  8. Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited Episode #08 Anime Review
  9. Deca-Dence Episode #09 Anime Review
  10. Black Clover Episode #141 Anime Review
  11. A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode #21 Anime Review
  12. Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of the Underworld Episode #20 Anime Review
  13. One Piece Episode #939 Anime Review
  14. Digimon Adventure 2020: Episode #13 Anime Review
  15. Healin’ Good♡PreCure Episode #22 Anime Review

Our Ten Years Later (and more) projects:

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