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Civilization V…Modded!

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Mods are a funny kinda thing.  On the surface, especially with a game like Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Mods don’t exactly change the core of the gameplay, but, they DO absolutely change the game is other noticeable ways.  At its core, these games have always been about the player stepping into the shoes of various world leaders from across history, such as George Washington of America or Catherine of Russia, and generally the game tries to reflect their real life selves in how the characters act in game.  One might ask, “What does modding exactly change about all this?”  While, as stated, it may not change the core gameplay of trying to be the dominant civilization on the map, what happens when those civilizations are either looser definitions of a civilization, or entirely fictional?  What if the map and terrain change wildly?  Let’s explore that.  I’ll be using the mods I’ve experienced to help paint this picture.

Where as a normal gave of Civilization V might see say Catherine of Russia against Gandhi of India, Dido of Carthage, Alexander of Greece, and Elizabeth of England on a randomly generated map of the player’s selected size, a modded game might end up seeing King Harkinian of CD-i and Youtube fame set against Celestia of Equestria, Clap-Trap from Borderlands, Sailor Moon, and the Burger King on a map made to represent somewhere like Mars or the kingdom of Equestria.  In keeping with regular game tradition, these modded factions all have special units, buildings and abilities that replicate something well known to them.  King Harkinian’s Ability is titled “I Wonder What’s for Dinner?” and grants him extra food.  Celestia’s ability is “Inspiring Friendship” and grants her and another civilization big bonuses when making a declaration of friendship.

There are also mods that add new wonders (special buildings that can only be built once in the world) and new luxury resources (these have little use outside of generating happiness and being used for trading).  For an example in both I present the mod for building a new wonder- Jurassic Park!  Not only does it add a new wonder to the game, it comes with a new luxury: dinosaurs!  I’ll list the mods I’ve acquired and the special abilities at the end, but let’s talk more about the experience first.  These are not just a single player only experience.  If you and any number of friends acquire the same mods and activate them.  You can engage in even stranger multiplayer matches where you never know what to expect going in!  Mods aren’t even limited to the silly stuff, either!  There are tons of mods out there for maps or civs that may not be present in the regular game.  There are also overhauls to base game leaders to make theme even closer to the real ones, so there is indeed a LOT of potential in what you can find and change up in the game.  Mods simply come in so many forms you’re guaranteed to change the game up no matter what you get.  With all this said, I leave you with this list of mods I acquired just for a start, and maybe you’ll find one you like!  They’re all available on the Steam Workshop page.

Civ/Leader mods (Leader ability listed):

Adolf Hitler- Germany (Blitzkrieg)

Bartholomew Roberts- Pirates (Commandeering)

Brewis Gindley- Datlof (Drunken State)

Brick- The Slabs (TWENNY!)

Cadence- The New Crystal Empire (Crystal Heart)

Cave Johnson- Aperture Science (We do what we must because we can)

Celestia- Equestria (Inspiring Friendship)

CL4P-TP- Robot Revolution (Hello Traveler!)

Dio- Za Warudo (Endless Ambition)

Donald J. Trump-Murica (Make America Great Again)

Dr. Evil- Virtucon Empire (Criminal Enterprise)

El Presidente- Tropican (One Man to Rule)

Fluttershy- The Woodlands (Princess of the Forest)

Flynt- Bandits (Captain Flynt for you!)

Gabe Newell- The Master Race (Steam Sales)

Bill Gates- Microsoft (Industry “Innovation”)

General Knoxx- Crimson Lance (Hates Mondays)

Glorious Leader- Arstotzka (Glory to Arstotzka)

Handsome Jack- Hyperion Corporation (Moral of the Story)

Heavy- Team Fortress (Team Play)

Henry Morgan- The Buccaneers (Letter of Marque

Jefferson Davis- Confederacy (Antebellum Aristocracy)

John Madden- Moonbase Alpha (Aeiou)

John Jafari- The Trons (Will of the ECH Lord)

Joseph Stalin- Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact)

King Harkinian- Hyrule (I Wonder What’s For Dinner?!)

Lenin- Soviet Union (Proletarian Dictatorship)

Lincoln- United States ( A House Divided)

Markiplier- The Ipliers (Markimoo Magic)

Master Hand- The Super Smash Bros. (Challenger Approaching)

Morshu- Koridai (It’s yours, my friend)

Mr. Torgue-Torgue Corporation (EXPLOSIONS?!)

Putin- Russian Federation (Hardworking Comrades)

Pyro- Pyroland (Dreams of Cruelty)

Rainbow Dash- Awesome Empire (Fanatical Fanbase)

Richard I- England (Crusader King)

Roland- Crimson Raiders (The Resistance)

Sailor Moon- Moon Kingdom (The Silver Millennium)

Sgt. Hartman- Parris Island (War Face)

Master Shake- Aqua Teen (Rule with an Iron Dick)

Sunset Shimmer- Heralds of Sunset (Prodigal Sun)

The King- Burger King (Sneak King)

Todd Howard- Bethesda (It Just Works)

Twilight Sparkle- New Equestria (Zeroth Year)

Vermin Supreme- Supreme America (Pony Based Economy)

There’s more as well haha.


The Caribbean

Super Mario World’s overworld

New Jersey



Pirate Land (Mario Party 2)

Final Destination

One Piece world

Middle Earth pack

Civ overhaul Mods:

Washington- America- New Leader Ability- Continental Army

Warmonger Gandhi

Gandhi obtains 100x Uranium upon discovery.

America war theme changed- America F*** Yeah

India war theme changed- Tunak Tunak Tun

Catherine’s Russia peace theme changed- English version of Dshingis Khan’s Moskau


Jurassic Park

Castle Wolfenstein

Religion Mods:

Strange Religions (adds ones like Sith Order, Satanism, and Pastafarianism)

As you can see just by this (and this is not even all of them), There’s a heck of a lot of variety to spice up the game when it comes to modding.  Even this here is just scratching the surface of the things you can find in the world of Civ mods.  This is absolutely a wonderful time, and I encourage others to go for it too!




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