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Sentai Adds ‘Dai☆Shogun’ Anime Trailer

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It's a giant robot show like no other as the birds, the bees, and the giant robots take flight

Dai Shogun HuluOriginally simulcasting back in the spring of 2014, Sentai Filmworks picked up the rights to Fuun Ishin Dai☆Shogun and brought it out for streaming on Hulu and The Anime Network after it had its initial Crunchyroll run. With it also getting home video releases from them, it saw streaming on HIDIVE more recently. Now, the distributor has brought out the trailer for the show to their channel which they hadn’t done before, giving some folks a chance to even become aware of the series for the first time.

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Plot concept: The arrival of foreign ships on the shores of Japan has been thwarted by giant robots called Onigami, and what would have been The Meiji Restoration has been completely erased from history. Now, in this new Japan isolated from the rest of the world, one man has the power to summon forth the might of the Onigami once again… as long as he remains a virgin. But with a beautiful ninja warrior at his side, will Keiichiro be able to focus long enough to defeat the evil forces now threatening Japan?

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