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‘Miss Machiko’ Anime Gets RetroCrush Streaming

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Discotek Media announced their pickup of the Miss Machiko series at the end of May 2016 and we’ve seen it get some streaming at different locations over the last few years, often in chunks. The show in its complete form looks to be making its way to the RetroCrush service as they have a live page for it here where it looks to load most of the episodes (unnumbered) for people to check out for free.

Originally airing for 95 episodes between 1981 and 1983, it was animated by Studio Pierrot and features scripts from Kenji Terada among others and character designs from Akemi Takada.

Plot concept: The mischievous students of Arama Academy meet their match in a beautiful and clever new teacher, Miss Machiko! But they’re determined to find a prank that will really embarrass her. No matter what they devise she still manages to laugh it off and help them with their school work and problems.

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