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Pai Chan and Sara team up on creep in this ‘Virtua Fighter’ Anime Clip

1 min read
Don't creep on a virtua fighter

The Virtua Fighter anime has been showing up on a couple of different services over the last few years and the folks at RetroCrush are handling some of the distribution. The full twenty-four episode is presented differently depending on the service as some are in English and some are in Japanese. The latest clip comes from the third episode, clocking in at a breezy two minutes, as we see Sara and Pai-chan teaming up to deal with some bad dudes who need dealing with.

The anime series is also available for streaming for Amazon Prime members in full as well where it’s included in the base subscription. It looks like it’s the English dub only for this 1995 anime series.

Plot Concept: Akira Yuki begins his quest in search of his true inner strength and character, and the eight shining stars only visible to those who have mastered this strength from within. Along his journey, he meets Pai, Jacky, and Sarah and they all finish their journey together as the Virtua Fighters.

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