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Digimon Adventure 2020: Episode #06 Anime Review

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Mimi’s introduction has been the most enjoyable so far.

What They Say:
The Targeted Kingdom

Tauchi’s party comes across an orchard and meets a mysterious girl, Mimi. Taichi and his friends find out that a kingdom is targeted by some ferocious Digimon. 

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Taichi and his party have gotten lost and are wandering the Digital World. They are still looking for the island that the Holy Digimon told them to look for. They are starving and looking for any food. They end up in an orchard where they find some fruit. They get trapped by Mimi and Palmon and are mistaken for fruit thieves. I have to wonder if digital food can be eaten by the DigiDestined. 

Mimi introduces herself as Queen Mimi and Palmon is her butler. It’s especially on-brand for Mimi to become a queen. Sora explains that they’re not thieves and everything is cleared up between the two. Taichi and Sora still haven’t eaten and their hunger has been forgotten about. I enjoying seeing the new version of Mimi. She is nobler than her original appearance. She is the Queen and realizes the responsibilities that come with her self proclaimed title. She is protecting the Tanemons’ food supply from the Tuskmon. She appoints Taichi as servant 72 and Sora as servant 73 to help her deal with the Tuskmon.  

Taichi remembers that there are only 72 hours before Tokyo suffers a catastrophe. And then he forgets how much time he has spent in the Digital World. Koshiro reveals that time flows differently in the Digital World and they have more time available to them. He also shows them a video of Tokyo, where Mimi spots her grandfather. Her grandfather owns some company and has been contributing to keeping hospitals running. This has plenty of benefits and drawbacks. It takes away some of the urgency that Taichi and the rest of the party have to keep moving forward. The connection to Mimi does bring back some of that urgency and  

The Kingdom is under attack by Ogremon and his army. Mimi comes up with a brilliant strategy to separate Ogremon’s army. When did Mimi become so smart? This is a wonderful improvement to her character.  Mimi and Palmon’s relationship has been the first that has carried a genuine weight behind it. There a flashback scene when Mimi arrived in the Digital World. She was afraid of the new land she entered but Palmon was there to give her a guiding hand. Mimi and Palmon are under attack by a Drimogemon and the odds look scarce in their favor. They both show that they are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the other. Their form of love and sacrifice can make Palmon digivolve to Togemon and have a fighting chance. 

In Summary:
Mimi’s introduction has been the most enjoyable so far. She is the Queen and she lets everyone know that she won’t stand for anything less. She is a character that has been changed the most compared to the original series. In the original show, she was the most bratty character and wanted to escape the Digital Wolrd and her responsibilities. Her connection to Palmon was also the most authentic of all the Digidestined. The other DigiDestined meet their Digimon and they had an instant bond.  One problem that is going to be nagging at me as this show goes on is that Agumon is the only Digimon that gets a fleshed-out digivolution scene. Palmon got one similar to Tentomon but this show could do better. And of course still no sequence for Biyomon’s digivolution. It was comedic justice when Greymon broke off Ogremon horn and send home crying. 

Grade: A-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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