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30 Day Film Challenge Day 11: A Sequel You Wish Wasn’t Made

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We're back with our eleventh day of the movie challenge and we're talking about sequels that you wish wasn't made.

This is one of those pieces that’s just damn hard to write because it really means admitting it. I grew up on the original trilogy and it’s what got me into, well, everything. Comics, SF novels, movies, LaserDisc, and all those making-of things for the first film taught me special effects which in turn lead to understanding filmmaking in general. It was the launch of a passion.

And while I have issues with parts of the prequels as well, I actually quite love them as a whole for the expansion, giving us a look at the core worlds whereas the original trilogy was all about the outer rim. I love what Doug Chiang brought to the visual design of the universe by showing us the “metropolis” worlds.

And while I had a bunch of issues with The Force Awakens in its absolutely sloppy and nonsensical introduction and explanation of the First Order and Starkiller base, I loved the characters and the expansion. And I also really enjoyed The Last Jedi, which I totally get the hate for by people who can discuss it reasonably. My connection with a character like Luke Skywalker, talked about earlier in this challenge, meant that the film resonated for me because as an adult who has lived a life, I can understand the path chosen and why he ended up there.

But Rise of Skywalker… from an awkward title to it feeling like even as long as it was that it was missing several big critical scenes, it just fell flat for me. It felt like it squandered all the potential that had been laid down for years through people like Dave Filoni and the novelists in setting up the grander picture. For something… artificial. Fans of these films, whether individual or specific trilogies, lose count of how many times we’ve seen them. The joke/reality of seeing A New Hope in theaters dozens of times if not more is a fact for many of us and repeat viewings are definitely part and parcel of them through theatrical, home video, and even getting caught up in it on TBS broadcasts.

Rise of Skywalker… I’ve still only seen it once and it’s the one that I wish could be swapped out for something else, especially after everything we saw in Rebels and Clone Wars with what Filoni put in place for Palpatine.

What’s your sequel that you wish wasn’t made?

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