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‘Triage X’ Manga Ending Delayed

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It looked like things were wrapping up soon for the Triage X manga, which is published in English by Yen Press. The series comes from Shoji Sato and in an interview back in 2018 he revealed that the manga is set to wrap up with its twenty-first volume. The property kicked off in 2009 in Monthly Dragon Magazine and at the time of the interview, its eighteenth volume had just published. That meant we had a bit to go with it which brings us to today.

With the 21st volume shipping today in Japan, Sato updated that he kind of did say that in an interview but hey, it’s still going, so that’s that. He didn’t indicate when it would end at this point so it could be something that happens at any time.

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The manga inspired a ten-episode TV anime run plus an OVA. It’s directed by Akio Takami and Takao Kato based on scripts by Katsujiko Takayama and character designs by Akio Takami. Saeko Zogo with Nagareda Project will be handling the opening theme for the series.

The Japanese cast includes Kenji Akabane as Arashi, Mikami Yui Kondou as Mikoto Kiba, Amina Satō as Oriha Nashida, Fuyuka Oura as Yūko Sagiri, Masumi Asano as Miki Tsurugi, Ryoko Shiraishi as Sayo Hitsugi, Takaya Kuroda as Masamune Mochizuki, Aya Hisakawa as Fiona Ran Winchester, Naomi Ōzora as Hinako Kominato, and Izumi Kitta as Yuu Momokino.

Plot concept: At first glance, Arashi Mikami appears to be a normal, albeit socially awkward, 17 year old high school student. However, he’s actually part of a secret vigilante organization known as Black Label, a group dedicated to executing power-hungry criminals the law refuses to deal with. However, taking down a crime lord isn’t always an easy task, and there’s bound to be consequences for any action…

[Source: ANN]

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