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It’s Ishida vs Mayuri In This Latest ‘Bleach’ Anime Clip

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Ishida has achieved overhwelming power from Letz Stil so Mayuri uses his bankai for a final attack!

Crunchyroll spent a good chunk of last year working through a number of the Bleach opening and closing sequences as part of their project to get a lot of those from a lot of shows online. With the property getting an anime revival in our future, they’re also starting to bring out a few more clips from the show and to remind people that they’ve got a few hundred episodes sitting there waiting to be watched. The latest clip that’s landed is from episode 44 where we get Ishida in powered up form so Mayuri uses his bankai for a final attack!

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Originally beginning its run in 2004 and finishing in 2012, the series was picked up by Viz Media and released on DVD over the years and is currently getting new Blu-ray releases as well in North America.

The series saw Noriyuki Abe as the overall director with several episode directors and scriptwriters working on it based on the manga by Tite Kubo. It was animated by studio Pierrot.

Plot concept: For as long as he can remember, Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see ghosts. But when he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows, his life is changed forever. Now, with a newfound wealth of spiritual energy, Ichigo discovers his true calling — to protect the world of the living and the dead as a Substitute Soul Reaper. When Rukia is taken away to face the ruthless justice of the Soul Society, Ichigo and his friends must cross over and do battle in the spirit world…

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