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It’s Battle Royale With This ‘God of High School’ Anime Clip

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The God of High School tournament begins with a free-for-all battle!

Crunchyroll is working through their summer season of Originals with The God of High School definitely getting a lot of attention. Making its premiere with a July 6th, 2020 debut, they’re now doing some additional promotion with clips from the show. This one comes from the first episode as the free-for-all battle gets underway and we see some solid throwdown getting underway.

The show is available to viewers in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS. A dub will be coming later for the show.

The property adapts the manhwa series of the same name by Yongje Park which began in 2014 on WEBTOONS. The series will be directed by Sunghoo Park with MAPPA handling the animation production. Manabu Akita is on board working on the character designs.

The Japanese cast includes Tatsumaru Tachibana as Jin Mori, Kentarō Kumagai as Han Daewi, Ayaka Ohashi as Yoo Mira, Daisuke Namikawa as Park Mujin, Tomokazu Sugita as Gang Manseok, Yuki Kaida as Commissioner O, Asami Tano as Commissioner P, Kenji Hamada as Commissioner Q, Chikahiro Kobayashi as Commissioner R, and Tomokazu Seki as Announcer T.

KSUKE will perform the opening theme song “Contradiction feat. Tyler Carter” while the ending theme song is “WIN” by CIX. Crunchyroll notes that both songs are original works created specifically for the anime.

Plot Concept: This action-packed series follows a high schooler and his friends as they compete in an epic tournament, borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way… With the promise of their heart’s deepest desires, motivating their tournament victory.

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